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Physical Sexual Harassment

Physical Sexual Harassment

Los Angeles Lawyers Helping Victims of Physical Sexual Harassment

Advocating on Behalf of Southern California Workers

Physical sexual harassment in the workplace is a complete violation of the victim’s trust and personal autonomy, and can cause psychological, emotional, physical and financial trauma with long-lasting implications. If you are being physically or sexually harassed at work, you do not have to suffer any longer. Seek legal help to hold your abuser and your employer responsible for their actions and contact a Los Angeles physical sexual harassment attorney today.

What Constitutes Physical Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can take many forms, but it is essentially any form of unwanted physical touch that is sexual in nature. This may include:

  • Sexual assault or rape
  • Groping or grabbing
  • Unwelcome touching, hugging or kissing

If anyone touches you sexually in a way that makes you uncomfortable, there is a strong likelihood that you are experiencing physical sexual harassment.

Abusers in The Workplace

Virtually anyone in the workplace may be a perpetrator of sexual harassment, including bosses or supervisors, co-workers, clients and more. According to an article, sexual harassment occurs across the board. Most of the harassment is experienced at executive levels, followed by administrative staff. Whether you are being assaulted or inappropriately touched by a superior or a colleague, you deserve justice and healing. Let the sexual harassment law firm of Taylor & Ring help you achieve the outcome you deserve through litigation in a court of law.

Fear of Retaliation

Many victims of physical sexual harassment are hesitant to report the abuse to their supervisors or HR department for fear of retaliation, either from the abuser or from the corporate culture at large.

If You Have Benn Touched Inappropriately at Work in Los Angeles, You Have Options

If you have suffered from physical sexual harassment in the workplace, contact the experienced Los Angeles sex harassment attorneys at Taylor & Ring online or at 310-776-6390 today for a free consultation.

Sexual harassment is illegal, and no victim should suffer in silence. Our lawyers can help you hold both your harasser and your employer responsible for your physical and psychological damage.