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Is It Time to Update Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Under state law, all California companies with five or more employees must provide sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to all employees, both supervisory and non-supervisory. Before 2019, training was only required for companies with 50 or more employees, so this is a welcome expansion. However, some people are asking, especially in the wake…

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California Senate Passes “Silenced No More” Act

Legislation recently passed in the California Senate aims to protect employees who speak out about discrimination experienced at work, even if they’ve signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). This law would expand protections laid out in a previous act banning NDAs in cases of sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination, signed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2018. Both…

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Ron Jeremy Faces Multiple Rape and Sexual Assault Charges

Ron Jeremy, 68-year-old porn star, was recently indicted by a grand jury on more than 30 counts of sexual assault. The charges included: 12 counts of forcible rape 7 counts of forcible oral copulation 6 counts of sexual battery by restraint 4 counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object 2 counts of sexual penetration…

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California Set to Classify “Stealthing” as Sexual Battery

State legislators sent a bill to Governor Newson’s desk on September 7 that would make the act of “stealthing” punishable under the law, setting the stage for California to be the first in the nation to pass such a law. Stealthing is the act of secretive and nonconsensual condom removal during the act of sexual…

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What Are My Rights as a Transgender Employee?

Although federal and state law prohibit workplace discrimination based on things like age, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, millions of Americans still experience harassment or loss of employment simply due to who they are. This type of discrimination is illegal for protected classes, and it is crucial as a transgender or non-binary employee that…

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LGBTQ Troops More Likely to Experience Sexual Assault, According to Study

A recent report from the RAND Corporation found that sexual assaults on non-heterosexual service members comprise nearly half of all military assaults. Because most research only focuses on the dangers and risks women face in the military, this study shines a light on another vulnerable population, as well as points to areas needing further examination…

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As Students Return to Campus, So Does Sexual Assault

For many students in the Los Angeles area and across the country, the fall semester is getting underway. Returning to student life, dorms, or off-campus housing marks a step toward independence and adulthood that allows young people to thrive. However, sexual assault on college and university campuses remains a serious risk for many students –…

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