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Investigation Uncovers Culture of Rape at Dublin, CA’s Women’s Prison

The violence of prison culture has long been celebrated in pop culture. Television, film, and music glorify acts of rape, murder, and assault in the name of entertainment. But there is nothing “entertaining” about real acts of violence perpetrated against real people. An Associated Press investigation into the federal correctional institution in Dublin, California revealed…

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Netflix “Cheer” Star Charged with Child Pornography

It seems too often these days that beloved movie and TV celebrities are discovered doing something underhanded and criminal behind the scenes. It seems the same has to be said of reality television’s “Cheer” star Jerry Harris, as he recently pleaded guilty to charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, while he also pleaded not…

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Trevor Bauer Won’t Face Criminal Charges

When you have been assaulted by another person, you expect to be represented and fought for by the District Attorney (D.A.). However, while the D.A. will bring up charges against the alleged perpetrator, they will not always find enough evidence to support the accusation. However, victims can still file a civil claim against their assaulter,…

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Snoop Dogg Accused of Sexual Assault

With his performance at the Super Bowl LVI making Snoop Dogg a big name in family homes again, it’s no wonder that new sexual assault allegations against him and his associate have recently come to light. This often happens when a celebrity finds their way into the spotlight because past victims are forcibly reminded of…

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When Sexual Abuse Happens to Adults

Although sexual abuse is a form of abuse that often occurs with children, anyone can become a victim of sexual abuse at any age. Sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual activity from perpetrators using force, using threats, or taking advantage of the victim. Sexual abuse is a crime where the victim and the perpetrator may…

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