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Aggressive Los Angeles Sexual Abuse and Assault Attorneys Fight for Victims’ Rights

Knowledgeable representation for sexual abuse victims across Southern California

Sexual assault and abuse are particularly heinous offenses that leave victims feeling traumatized and helpless. Victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse are not only severely impacted in the short term, but commonly suffer psychological and emotional effects for years after the fact. At the law firm of Taylor & Ring, we have substantial experience representing victims through civil litigation. We know that a lawsuit can be a powerful catalyst for healing and a sense of justice, but that it also brings painful memories, fears and feelings to the surface. If you were the victim of sexual abuse or assault, contact a compassionate lawyer to seek the compensation your case deserves.

Advocating for your rights in a sexual assault case

Our Los Angeles sexual abuse and assault attorneys are here to support you through the entire legal process. Even if you are not ready to initiate a lawsuit, it is important to preserve your rights before the statute of limitations expires. Under California law, failing to meet these statutory time limitations can keep you from pursuing the compensation you deserve.

At Taylor & Ring, we understand that the legal process can prove intimidating, especially after going through such a difficult tragedy. Rest assured that we know the laws of the state and diligently work with you to ensure that all of your rights are protected.

An aggressive pursuit of civil justice within the California courts

The lawyers of Taylor & Ring have handled numerous high-profile and precedent-setting cases throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Our victories include a wide spectrum of verdicts and settlements for sexual assault victims. If you or your child was abused or assaulted, there are a few things you should know about how to move forward. One important aspect of the justice system is the difference between criminal justice and civil justice. In criminal matters, the state seeks to punish the guilty party for his or her actions. In a civil matter, the victim seeks monetary compensation for pain and suffering caused by the defendant.

Beyond exposing the perpetrators, our Los Angeles sexual abuse law firm focuses on holding property owners, employers and security companies accountable for failing to protect victims. We seek restitution for physical injuries, emotional trauma and psychological effects, all of which may have a tangible financial impact. We find every way possible to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

Types of Cases We Handle

Compassionate representation for victims of sexual assault, including:

Let an experienced Los Angeles sexual assault law firm handle the details of your case

You can trust the attorneys of Taylor & Ring to provide you and your loved one with civil justice representation that is honest, reliable and aggressive. Call us today at 310.209.4100 or complete our contact form to schedule a confidential and free initial consultation. We value each of our clients and continuously strive to provide them with high-quality representation.

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