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Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits against Youth Organizations in California

Los Angeles sexual assault attorneys protecting children across the state

Youth organizations are intended to be safe spaces where children can learn, grow, and explore. Unfortunately, they are also places where unthinkable acts of abuse can happen. If your child was sexually abused by a youth group leader or member, Taylor & Ring is ready and able to help. Contact us today in Los Angeles to learn more.


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How safe is your child?

Child sex abuse is a much bigger problem than most people realize. Every ten seconds, a new report of child abuse is made, according to one expert study by ChildHelp.

While most adults who work with children simply want to give back to the community, there are many others who seek out such opportunities in order to further an agenda of pain, abuse, and exploitation. A number of recent high-profile cases in the news have illustrated the sad truth that children are not safe from harm in an educational or activity-oriented setting.

Holding youth organizations accountable

Taylor & Ring handles a wide array of cases on behalf of survivors of child sexual abuse. We can represent you and your child in a claim against:

Sexual abuse and the Boys Scouts of America

In 2012, the Los Angeles Times published a series of explosive reports on the Boys Scouts of America’s (BSA) “perversion files” – a confidential set of files and documents listing “ineligible volunteers.” The first piece, published in September, preceded a court order to hand over 20,000 pages of documentation. Within these 20,000 pages were 1,200 cases of child sex abuse and rape between the years of 1965 to 1985.

Recently, new information has come to light. As of April 2019, the list of abusers in the “perversion files” has grown to almost 8,000 names, and the number of victims has reached over 12,000 children.

Over the past 30 years, BSA has paid out millions of dollars to survivors of child sexual abuse. In 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that the costs of the sexual assault lawsuits appeared to be too great for BSA to handle, and that the organization was considering filing for Chapter 11.

This decision can be a critical one. Companies which file for bankruptcy may be able to shed their debts, meaning that victims could end up with nothing. Time is of the essence if you wish to file a claim for damages against the BSA.

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Sexual assault and the Boys & Girls Clubs

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America offer after-school programs to children throughout the country. However, much like with the BSA, there are multiple Clubs to serve different communities, and Regional Chairs to oversee those clubs.

Boys & Girls Clubs tend to serve lower-income communities, and their children are more vulnerable and susceptible to acts of sexual violence. According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR), “People who commit sexual violence often target individuals who seem vulnerable due to poverty, gender, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, or immigration status.” Vulnerable children may be less likely to report, for myriad reasons, so the abuse can go on for years. If your child has been harmed, it is important that you contact a California sexual assault attorney right away, so we can protect your child.

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Who is liable for youth organization sexual abuse?

Local groups of national organizations always have a chain of command. As such, if your child is abused by a youth organization leader, there could be multiple parties who are liable for your child’s injuries:

  • The perpetrator of the sexual assault
  • The supervisor of the local and/or regional group
  • The property owner or manager
  • Any mandated reporters who failed to report what they knew or suspected
  • The national club’s leaders

Understand that these groups are responsible for your child’s safety and wellbeing. If your child is assaulted by a member of the group, the group itself may still be liable for damages.

The mental and emotional scars of sexual abuse can last a lifetime. Further complicating matters, these incidents are often covered up by organizations that seek to save their image rather than protecting the children who should be their first priority. In those instances, Taylor & Ring seeks to hold the institution or organization accountable for its role in the tragedy, as opposed to focusing on the perpetrator alone. These institutions and organizations have a duty to take adequate measures towards preventing these tragedies. Failure to do so may result in legal liability.

Proving these allegations can prove challenging without the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles child sexual assault attorney to investigate the details and present a strong case on your child’s behalf. It is our hope that this effort and commitment helps to achieve justice for victims of child sex abuse.

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