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Schools and youth organizations are intended to be safe spaces where children can learn, grow and explore. Unfortunately, they are also places where unthinkable acts of abuse can happen. Tragically, many perpetrators of sexual abuse toward children take these safe havens as an opportunity to meet, groom, exploit and abuse new victims. They take parental trust and turn it into a life-changing tragedy. If your child was sexually abused while in school or a youth organization, turn to the compassionate Los Angeles child sex abuse lawyers at Taylor & Ring to discuss your case discretely.

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Child sex abuse is an urgent problem in our society. Every ten seconds, a new report of child abuse is made, according to one expert study by Unfortunately, anyone in a school or youth organization has the potential to be an abuser. Potential perpetrators of child sex abuse may include:

  • Teachers and teaching assistants
  • Substitute teachers
  • School principals
  • Janitors and facilities maintenance workers
  • Sports coaches
  • Scout leaders
  • Youth group leaders

While most adults who work with children simply want to give back to the community, there are many others who seek out such opportunities in order to further an agenda of pain, abuse and exploitation. A number of recent high-profile cases in the news have illustrated the sad truth that children are not safe from harm in an educational or activity-oriented setting. Our knowledgeable Los Angeles child sex abuse lawyers are here to assist you and your child through the painful aftermath of sexual abuse. While you focus on healing, we focus on securing the compensation your case deserves.

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The mental and emotional scars of sexual abuse can last a lifetime. Further complicating matters, these incidents are often covered up by schools or organizations that seek to save their image rather than protecting the children who should be their first priority. In those instances, Taylor & Ring seeks to hold the institution or organization accountable for its role in the tragedy, as opposed to focusing on the perpetrator alone. These institutions and organizations have a duty to take adequate measures towards preventing these tragedies. Failure to do so may result in legal liability.

Proving these allegations can prove challenging without the assistance of an experienced Los Angeles child sexual assault attorney to investigate the details and present a strong case on your child’s behalf. It is our hope that this effort and commitment helps to achieve justice for victims of child sex abuse.

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