Catastrophic Injury And Wrongful Death Attorneys

The law firm of Taylor & Ring represents people who have suffered a serious or permanent injury and families whose loved one was tragically killed in a preventable accident. We are committed to holding the negligent parties accountable and securing financial compensation for the victim and survivors.

Taylor & Ring has obtained notable verdicts and settlements for major injuries and fatal accidents. For aggressive serious personal injury attorneys in the Los Angeles area and Southern California, contact us today for a free consultation.

We Handle Serious And Complex Cases

Our mission is to maximize compensation that our clients need and deserve for the physical, economic and personal impact of serious and catastrophic injuries, including those sustained while working on a construction or industrial job. Some of the more serious injury cases we have handled include:

When clients have suffered injuries that dramatically change their lives forever, we work that much harder to win long-term, comprehensive compensation. Many clients cannot return to the same line of work or cannot work again in any capacity.

Our attorneys work with life-care planners, economists, surgeons, psychiatrists, vocational specialists and many other professionals to determine what services our clients will need for the years ahead. We carefully detail damages that cover ongoing medical care, nursing care, home improvements, medical equipment, lost earning capacity, job training and other economic impact. We also pursue damages for the client’s pain and suffering, mental anguish and lost enjoyment of life.

Contact Our Premier Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Today

In any significant personal injury case, it is imperative to quickly retain a high-quality plaintiff’s attorney. Hiring our experienced lawyers soon after the incident allows us to properly investigate the accident before evidence is destroyed, witnesses disappear and memories fade. To discuss your personal injury claims with experienced Los Angeles serious personal injury lawyers, contact the law firm of Taylor & Ring today at 310-776-6390 for a free consultation.

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