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Los Angeles Attorneys Defending Against Sexual Abuse in School Committed by Another Student

Schools need to monitor dangerous student conduct before an attack occurs

Schools should be a safe-haven for children to learn, play and develop skills that will enhance their lives. Sadly, this is not the reality for the hundreds of thousands of children each year who suffer sexual abuse at an educational institution.

While many instances of sexual abuse in schools are perpetrated by adults in positions of authority, such as teachers, coaches or administrators, it is also all too possible for children to be sexually abused by other students. In these cases, even if the abuser in question is another child, it is still possible to hold the abuser accountable. The Los Angeles student sexual abuse lawyers at Taylor & Ring can help your child and family through this traumatic experience.

Holding schools accountable for their role in abuse

Teachers and administrators are obligated to create an environment in which every student is protected from harm. Allowing students to suffer sexual abuse at the hands of other students is simply unacceptable, and schools must be held accountable for their role in such tragedies.

The Los Angeles child sexual abuse attorneys at the law firm of Taylor & Ring have successfully represented sexual abuse victims who were abused at school by other students, holding the perpetrator and the school and/or school district accountable, resulting in multimillion-dollar settlements.

Special needs children and sexual abuse

Children with special needs are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse from other children. Our firm has achieved victories for many children with special needs who suffered sexual abuse from other students, including a $3 million settlement for a student who was sexually assaulted by his male classmate and a $1 million settlement for a girl with special needs who was sexually assaulted by two boys while riding a bus.

The effects of sexual abuse on children

Sexual abuse in school can negatively impact the child’s education, future job performance, future earnings, physical and psychological health and sometimes serves as a catalyst for unhealthy relationship patterns in the future.

According to the American Psychological Association, the initial or short-term effects of abuse usually occur within two years after the abuse subsides. These effects vary depending upon the circumstances of the abuse and the child’s developmental stage, but may include regressive behaviors (such as a return to thumb sucking or bed wetting), sleep disturbances, eating problems, behavior and/or performance problems at school, and nonparticipation in school and social activities.

Get immediate help when a student rapes or sexually assaults your child in Los Angeles

Do not wait to seek legal help if your child has been sexually abused in school by another student. Early intervention can help your child get the psychological help and emotional counseling he or she needs. In addition to helping your child get justice, litigation against the school and anyone else involved can stop the attacker from abusing other children. For help now, call Taylor & Ring today at 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form to speak with one of our compassionate Los Angeles student sexual assault attorneys. We will be extremely sensitive to your child’s needs while seeking to hold the responsible parties accountable. Your initial consultation is free.

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