Los Angeles Injuries to Children Attorneys

At the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring, we pride ourselves on our expertise in representing girls, boys, women and men who have suffered sexual abuse, assault or molestation. Our lawyers have achieved a reputation throughout California as one of the legal leaders in this area of the law. Unfortunately, in today’s society, there are many perpetrators of child abuse who gain access to children as teachers, coaches, supervisors, priests, and scout leaders. Our precedent-setting cases have helped bring to light the need for strict hiring practices and close supervision in any setting where children are placed under the care and guidance of adults.

Daily Care Injuries

Putting your child in the care of another adult or institution carries with it a burden of care and responsibility. If your child was injured while at school or at day care and should have been under the supervision of an adult, you have a right to seek compensation for the costs of their care due to negligence. Often children are injured because of bullying, hazing, poor bus safety, or even improper care of the facilities. No matter what the cause, our firm can help you move forward from the incident and achieve justice for yourself and your child.

Sexual Abuse Can Arise In Different Settings

At Taylor & Ring, we approach these heart-wrenching cases with compassion for the victim and his or her family, and aggressive litigation towards the perpetrator and his or her employer who could have prevented the abuse. We represent adults who were abused back in their childhood and also children who are recent victims of abuse. Unfortunately, we have seen perpetrators come in all forms, including:

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Clergy or priests
  • Leaders of youth organizations
  • Foster parents
  • Day care supervisors
  • Police officers
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives

Victims Of Sexual Abuse Should Consult A Civil Lawyer Immediately

Often victims and their families are led to believe that the criminal process will achieve justice in a child abuse case. However, the criminal proceedings are only aimed at the perpetrator of the abuse; they have no bearing on schools, youth organizations, and churches who knew or should have known they had a dangerous employee working for them yet took no action to prevent that employee from harming children.

In the cases of public entities like school districts, it is often the case that a victim, even a child, only has six months to file the appropriate claim against the public entity, even if the criminal case is still ongoing. Don’t be lulled into believing the district attorney will preserve your civil lawsuit. Contact the Los Angeles child injuries lawyers at Taylor & Ring who can guide you through this difficult time and ensure that complete justice is obtained against all those who were culpable in failing to protect a child or woman from sexual assault or abuse.

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