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Birth Injury

Knowledgeable Los Angeles Birth Injury Lawyers Advocate for Infants and Mothers

Skilled representation for Southern California families

Labor and delivery is a delicate time for mothers and babies. The potential for harm and injury is high, especially when treating physicians commit preventable medical errors. Babies are particularly vulnerable during this time. Doctors and medical staff members have a duty to identify risks, monitor patients closely and take proper action if complications arise during childbirth. When medical professionals miss the warning signs or make wrong decisions, the results can be catastrophic for the infant or the mother.

Our skilled Los Angeles birth injury attorneys have successfully advocated for numerous babies and their families throughout our years of service. At the law firm of Taylor & Ring, we hold negligent physicians and hospitals accountable for the lifelong impact of birth injuries. We represent parents throughout Southern California and the Los Angeles area whose babies died or suffered permanent harm because of medical negligence.

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Our attorneys aren’t afraid of medical malpractice cases

Medical malpractice cases involve extremely complex issues and theories of law. A successful outcome requires substantial knowledge, as well as sufficient resources to investigate the injury-causing incident and build an effective case. We have the resources and skills to handle complex birth injury claims against UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Keck Medical Center of USC, and other local and regional facilities in LA and throughout Southern California. Our legal team has recovered significant verdicts and settlements in a variety of medical malpractice lawsuits, including the following birth injury cases:

  • Cerebral palsy and other brain damage. When complications during labor and delivery cause damage to the brain, cerebral palsy may result. This condition may affect the child’s motor skills, muscle control and coordination. With no cure, some patients require lifelong therapy and medical assistance.
  • Erb’s palsy and other nerve damage. This condition is caused by injury to nerves within the infant’s upper arm. Prolonged labor and the improper use of birthing tools often contribute to this condition. In the most severe cases, the child may suffer from lifelong paralysis of the affected arm.
  • Stillbirth or neonatal death. When physicians and medical staff members fail to adequately monitor the infant during labor, the baby’s health can quickly deteriorate into a fatal condition. Lack of oxygen or blood to the brain can cause vital organs to stop working. Negligently used birthing tools can also lead to the fatality of the infant.
  • Injury or death of the mother. Failure to properly monitor the mother during labor and delivery can also result in a fatality. Complications leading to the death of the mother are often foreseeable and preventable with proper care and treatment. When physicians fail to meet this duty, a wrongful death may result.

Throughout our years of experience, we have cultivated a network of medical specialists with knowledge and expertise to examine the records of prenatal care, labor and delivery to identify any acts of negligence that hurt your child. With the help of these professionals, we answer the following questions:

  • Did the doctor fail to anticipate a difficult birth? Many labor and delivery complications are preceded by problematic health conditions during pregnancy. It is the physician’s responsibility to recognize these potential problems and address them accordingly.
  • Did the nurses fail to monitor for fetal distress? Continuous monitoring during the labor process is essential for the well-being of the mother and the child. Failure to do so can prolong a difficult labor, placing the mother and infant at substantial risk of harm.
  • Did the OB-GYN use improper force during the delivery process? The negligent use of tools, such as forceps and vacuums, during the delivery can cause injury to the baby.
  • Did the OB-GYN fail to perform a timely C-section? C-section deliveries are utilized to prevent harm to the mother and child. Failure to perform this surgical procedure once a complication is identified can prove injurious or fatal.

Our highly capable Los Angeles birth injury lawyers have a proven track record for success in medical malpractice and birth injuries. We recovered a $2 million settlement against an obstetrician (OB-GYN doctor) for negligent care of a patient who suffered brain injury and hemiplegia after giving birth to triplets.

Pursuing compensation for the future needs of your child
Babies who suffer serious birth injuries may have a lifetime of special needs. At our firm, we work with financial professionals to detail the economic challenges of a birth injury. The most severe cases not only require medical treatment on a short-term basis, but also necessitate prolonged care and rehabilitation. Our attorneys will fight medical providers and their insurers for an award amount that adequately compensates for surgery, round-the-clock nursing, special services, physical therapy and other care. We also advocate recovery of damages for the baby’s pain and reduced quality of life, as well as for the parents’ emotional distress.

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At Taylor & Ring, we provide compassionate support and aggressive legal advocacy for the avoidable tragedy of a life-altering birth injury caused by medical negligence of malpractice. For a free consultation with knowledgeable Los Angeles birth injury lawyers you can trust, call us at 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form today.

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