California Construction Site Accident And Industrial Accident Attorneys

In Southern California and Los Angeles, industrial workers and workers at construction sites are seriously injured every day because of someone’s negligence, carelessness, or failure to warn of hidden dangers. Yet, many of these injured workers assume they can only recover workers compensation benefits because they were working at the time.

The lawyers at Taylor & Ring have the expertise in construction site accident cases and industrial accident cases to investigate and prove that companies other than the injured worker’s employer were at fault. If you were injured in a workplace accident, it is important that you contact a Los Angeles construction site accidents lawyer to explore whether you are limited to workers compensation benefits or whether you can also recover full and fair compensation for your injuries because a third party also caused the accident.

Construction And Industrial Accident Cases Are Complex

At our Los Angeles industrial accidents law firm, we have represented many workers injured on the job in an industrial or construction site setting. These cases involve a very complex area of law that requires the attorneys to determine exactly who was at fault and whether the other company should have exercised certain precautions at the work site. Our lawyers understand the nuances of these cases and aggressively litigate the following issues that frequently arise in these workplace cases:

  • OSHA violations
  • Negligence of the injured worker’s own employer
  • Negligence of the injured worker himself
  • Other contractors’ right to control the work site
  • Defective products (scaffolding, ladders, machinery) at the work site
  • Contractual obligations between general contractor and subcontractors on the job
  • Developer’s or property owner’s liability

Preparing A Workplace Injury Case For Trial

The lawyers at Taylor & Ring aggressively litigate cases involving construction site accidents or industrial accidents or other injuries in the workplace. We locate the key witnesses, co-workers, employees from other companies, and crew chiefs who had any involvement in the accident or the project. We take these witnesses’ depositions and we also fight to obtain all of the necessary documents that prove workplace violations or safety violations that bring about our client’s injuries. We are often battling several other companies and their lawyers in these cases. Our attorneys have the experience and our firm has the financial resources to match these defendants and bring justice to injured workers.

If you were injured at a construction site, an industrial plant, or even in the workplace, do not be lulled into thinking your only remedy is workers compensation benefits. You may have a third party lawsuit against other businesses who contributed to the accident. Please contact our Los Angeles attorneys at Taylor & Ring for a free consultation.

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