Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse

California Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

Nursing homes and assisted care facilities are quick to promote what “wonderful” places they are for the elderly. Families who place a loved one in a nursing home usually make that decision because they feel it is the safest place for their parent or elderly relative.

In reality, many of these facilities are understaffed, inadequately supervised and poorly trained when it comes to certain needs of their patients. Elderly people living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often at the mercy of unqualified caretakers, placing them at risk to be injured or neglected.

Our Los Angeles nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys represent elderly people who have been mistreated, harmed or injured in a serious manner by the very caregivers who were hired to keep them safe from harm. If your family member is a victim of nursing home neglect in the Los Angeles area, contact our attorneys today to learn how we can help.

Different Types Of Elder Abuse

Three types of elder abuse or neglect of dependent adults form the basis of a lawsuit in California: neglect, physical or sexual abuse and financial abuse. In a nursing home context, elder abuse or neglect often arises in the following circumstances:

No matter what sort of harms you suspect your loved one is enduring, our firm can help.

Elder Abuse Law

California enacted a very stringent law commonly referred to as Elder Abuse law, although one does not need to be “old” to have the law apply to his or her situation. Rather, the law is aimed at adults of any age who are dependent on caregivers in acute care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers and hospitals. The law is aimed at nursing home and assisted care facilities whose neglect can cause serious harm and death to those relying upon and paying for care caused by a medical condition or simply old age.

Our lawyers at Taylor & Ring have extensive experience in the field of elder abuse and nursing home neglect. We provide the weak and vulnerable with a voice against the corporate nursing homes that are quick to accept large sums of money from patients and their families and then fail to provide the quality of care promised.

Profits Over Patient Safety

We often are able to prove that the nursing home in question was more concerned with profits than with providing the proper staffing, supervision and care to its elderly patients. This attitude can result in serious understaffing, lack of qualified caregivers and an unsafe environment for the residents. This is despicable conduct by these corporations because they have chosen to not provide the quality of care they market as a selling point to prospective residents.

If you or a loved one has experienced elder abuse or neglect in an assisted living facility or nursing home, we urge you to contact the lawyers at the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring to discuss your situation.

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