Los Angeles Defective Products Lawyer

Southern California Product Liability Lawyers

One of the most difficult areas of personal injury law involves dangerous products that cause injury. These “product liability” cases require experienced, top-notch plaintiffs lawyers who have handled many prior cases against manufacturers, distributors or retailers of a dangerous or defective product. Our Los Angeles defective products lawyers are well-known for their experience in litigating difficult, complex product liability cases against some of the largest manufacturers in America.

Commercial And Consumer Products Can Be Defective

Products can be defective in their design, manufacture, or lack of warnings. Product liability cases can result from all sorts of products whether used in an industrial setting or by consumers. Our firm handles all sorts of product liability cases, including:


  • Heavy machinery
  • Machines
  • Forklifts
  • Tools
  • Lifts
  • Presses
  • Packaging equipment
  • Computer controlled devices


  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Appliances
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Medication and medical devices*
  • Automobiles and automotive parts
  • Pool design or installation

Our Attorneys Are Experienced

The lawyers at our firm have extensive experience handling product liability cases. We understand the vast amount of work required to win these cases and the need to retain top experts in the field. Proving a product is defective is not easy. Often, the manufacturer points the finger at the consumer and blames the injured person for not using the product correctly, or not following directions, or failing to keep the product in good repair. These defenses are countered by our aggressive lawyers who find out everything there is to know about the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of the product in question.

In one product liability case we handled, we proved that a forklift was defective in its operation and our client obtained a $13 million jury verdict after he was seriously injured by the defective forklift. Call our office at 310-776-6390 or visit our verdicts and settlements page to learn more about our successes handling product liability cases.

Work With A Firm That Will Go The Extra Mile

We travel throughout the country to find and take testimony from the manufacturer’s engineers who designed the product in the first place. We often find that these manufacturers knew from the start that certain flaws existed in the product, but went ahead with its production because they were more concerned with generating corporate profits rather than ensuring consumer safety. Contact our Southern California attorneys to discuss your product liability case today.

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*Pharmaceutical or health care products can be defective if they cause serious conditions which were not disclosed on the warning labels, or if they were manufactured in a defective manner.