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Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyers

Compassionate legal help for the families of California

Wrongful death cases are incredibly challenging for families. Not only are you dealing with the immediate, tragic loss of a loved one, but you have the added burden of knowing the death could have been prevented if another person or corporation was simply more careful or paying more attention at the time of the accident. Your family is left to deal with a tragic loss, and the financial burdens that go along with it. Medical costs and burial expenses must be paid at a time when a significant part of the household income is suddenly gone.

At Taylor & Ring, our skilled Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers empathize with your family’s pain during this challenging situation, and we work hard to try and lessen the financial burdens. We know that no amount of money will bring back your loved one, but holding the responsible parties accountable can help to bring about some closure while taking some of the financial strain off of your family.

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Lawyers who understand the complexities of a wrongful death action

Wrongful death claims are challenging for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, victims’ families often have difficulty obtaining real answers about the fatal incident. They may not be able to find out the exact cause of the accident or identify other people who were involved and may be at fault. Our wrongful death lawyers have been involved in cases where:

  • The police were reluctant to share specific information because of a pending criminal case resulting from the death.
  • At-fault companies try to hide the details of their wrongdoing because they realize that litigation will likely result.

These scenarios demonstrate why it is imperative to consult highly regarded wrongful death lawyers rather than relying upon the police or some other government agency to investigate and provide answers. The only way you can be sure you are protecting your rights and your interests is to hire an advocate whose job is solely to represent your family and find the answers your loved one deserves.

A law firm with the resources to investigate wrongful deaths

Most wrongful death cases are complex and require skilled lawyers who can conduct thorough investigations into all of the circumstances surrounding an accident that results in the death. Our experienced Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys have handled many wrongful death cases. We understand the importance of investigating the accident quickly and thoroughly before evidence is destroyed, witnesses disappear and accident scenes are altered by further use. Our law firm has the financial resources, the relationships with experts and the litigation know-how to ensure that the scene is preserved and the accident is investigated before it is too late.

Wrongful death cases occur in many different contexts, including:

With help from our network of experts, we have successfully settled and litigated cases in each of these practice areas. Our legal experience in these areas of the law has provided us with the knowledge and resources to successfully pursue a person, business or corporation that has negligently caused a victim’s death.

A proven track record of success for Manhattan Beach and California families

Taylor & Ring routinely handles complex wrongful death cases. We represented the mother and sister of Lana Clarkson, who was killed by music producer Phil Spector when he shot Lana at his home outside of Los Angeles. We worked closely with the family to fight for compensation, while also effectively cooperating with the District Attorney’s office to ensure that the civil wrongful death lawsuit against Phil Spector did not interfere with the criminal proceedings against him.

Our firm has obtained multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of families in California and throughout the country, including:

  • $57 million verdict in a bad after action after a plane crash case led to the deaths of three men.
  • $8.75 million verdict in Montalvo vs. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept., where LA County Sheriffs shot an unarmed 29-year-old man to death.
  • $3.3 million verdict in a case involving a high-speed chase with Border Patrol agents, leading to multiple deaths.

In another case, a 30-year-old man was visiting friends at their apartment complex in West Hollywood. The man fell to his death from the third-floor walkway because construction crews temporarily removed a railing during a remodel, leaving only yellow tape where the railing had been. The tape was difficult to see at night, and when the man reached for the railing, he grasped air, lost his balance and fell three stories. We successfully represented the man’s parents, who lived in Mexico, and obtained a $1.5 settlement on their behalf. With our thorough investigations and legal knowledge, we were able to obtain a large settlement on the parents’ behalf.

These are only two examples of the service we provide to our clients every day. Trust us to provide your family with the same level of commitment.

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Our knowledgeable Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys understand the legal complexities involved in wrongful death cases. We know how to compassionately represent you while aggressively pursuing litigation against the wrongdoers. To learn how Taylor & Ring can assist your family in a case of wrongful death, call 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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