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Taylor Ring

$25.3 Million Verdict

A 13-year-old boy was abused almost daily by a supervisor at the Westerly School in Long Beach, California. Despite suspicions of abuse by one former employee, and incidents involving other teachers, none of this behavior is ever reported to the police.


$13 Million Verdict

42-year-old truck driver rendered paraplegic after a defective forklift toppled over on top of him while he was making a delivery.


$102 Million Verdict

Two students were sexually abused and groomed by their band teacher Samuel Neipp, a former music teacher at Dartmouth Middle School.


$18.6 Million Verdict

Company president allowed wife to drive a company-owned vehicle four days after a wife failed DMV road exam; wife then caused a serious accident injuring a motorcyclist.


$100 Million Verdict

The firm represented multiple plaintiffs in the Santa Monica PAL/Eric Uller abuse case. The City of Santa Monica covered up the abuse..


$8.75 Million Settlement

An unarmed 29-year-old man shot to death by Los Angeles County Sheriffs.


$14.4 Million Verdict

Improperly serviced asphalt truck caused chain collision on freeway; two died and a surviving passenger suffered brain damage.


$45.4 Million Jury Award

“F.M.”, a minor, was repeatedly assaulted by as many as 15 different men between 2010 and 2012. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) of Los Angeles County was aware of the evidence that F.M. was living with a convicted child molester, yet did nothing. This was the #8 award in the State of California for the year.


California Sexual Abuse and Assault Attorneys

Top tier civil litigation attorneys handling sexual assault and injury cases

At the law firm of Taylor & Ring, we understand the trauma and anxiety each type of personal injury case brings – especially cases that involve sexual assault or abuse. We know you and your family are in pain right now. You deserve a California sexual assault lawyer who will fight for you, for your future, and for justice in your case. Contact us today in Los Angeles to learn more about our services.

A special focus on protecting children

Every sexual trauma story is different, and every survivor deserves justice. But there is something especially heinous about sexual assault crimes committed against children. We routinely handle high-profile claims involving:

At Taylor & Ring, we are especially attuned to the trauma that discussing and litigating sexual abuse and assault cases can cause for children. Our firm has represented numerous teenagers and pre-teenagers who have been abused by teachers, or who have suffered due to the neglect of schools and school districts throughout California.

Fighting for the civil rights of victims of police brutality & misconduct

The number of officer-related shootings and attacks is increasing, and antiquated, dangerous policies place more value on the lives of officers than on the lives of the people they hurt. If your civil rights have been violated by a local, state, or federal law enforcement officer or agency, Taylor & Ring is prepared to help. Our Los Angeles police brutality attorneys have secured millions of dollars on behalf of victims of law enforcement. We also represent families of men and women whose loved ones have died in police shootings and while in custody in wrongful death lawsuits.

Read Lawdragon’s interview with John Taylor and Neil Gehlawat: “Taylor & Ring Urges Juries to Ask, ‘Who’s Going to Police the Police?’”

In Real Life: Attacked Behind The Wheel

Taylor & Ring partner Natalie Weatherford was featured in the Newsy and the Center for Public Integrity documentary about sexual assault in the trucking industry. Weatherford represents two female truck drivers who were sexually assaulted by their male co-drivers at CRST International Inc. Watch below, and read the report here.

Taylor & Ring

"Jane Doe 1" No More

Evgeniya Chernyshova is telling her story of justice. We are proud to stand by Evgeniya, and invite you to read more about why the world should know her name.

Latest Verdict

Taylor & Ring Helps Secure $102M in Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Union School District

Cleveland High School and LAUSD

Taylor & Ring is representing sexual abuse survivors in lawsuits against Cleveland High school and LAUSD. Read The Atavist Magazine’s explosive exposé here.



Read Natalie Weatherford’s profile by Super Lawyers

Natalie Weatherford 2022 Super LawyersNatalie Weatherford, partner with Taylor & Ring, was featured in Super Lawyers Magazine where she discussed her work on behalf of survivors of sexual abuse and assault. We invite you to read that profile here.

A powerful voice for sex abuse victims

There are at least 2 million survivors of rape and sexual abuse in California right now. Conceivably, that number could be much higher, as “The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimated in its 2016 National Crime Victimization Survey that only 23 percent of rapes or sexual assaults are likely to be reported to law enforcement.”

At Taylor and Ring, we understand how horrific and tragic any type of sexual misconduct is. For most of our clients, the physical trauma and emotional suffering have been debilitating. Many of our clients need help and counseling for years after the assault or abuse. If you or a loved one has been sexually abused or assaulted, please know you are not alone, and you are not powerless.

We represent clients in a range of areas, including:

Whether you are an adult survivor of abuse, or your child has come forward to speak truth to power, we want to help.

Representing victims of Louis Moreno and LAUSD

Taylor & Ring is representing multiple victims of childhood sexual assault in lawsuits against Louis Moreno and the Los Angeles Unified School District. If you or your loved one was abused by Moreno, or if your child’s accusations were ignored by LAUSD, we may be able to help. Call today.

Sexual Abuse In California Schools - Read PDF

Resources for victims of abuse

The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that “On average, 24 people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States — more than 12 million women and men over the course of a year.” Intimate partner violence – rape or assault perpetrated by a partner, spouse, or known loved one – is one of the most common forms of abuse in this country.

Because of that, it is imperative that survivors have access to the tools, services, and organizations dedicated to protecting them, and their families. Our California sexual abuse attorneys know how critical this help can be, especially for people who have been assaulted by loved ones; in some cases, it can be a matter of life or death. To that end, we are committed to providing our clients with the resources they need in order to protect themselves before, during, and after their case.

$14 Million Settlement

Two adult women sexually abused by their middle school teacher recovered the largest “per victim” settlement in the nation: $7 million each.

Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment at work encompasses many different types of improper behavior – verbal and emotional as well as physical. Conduct by the employer or coworkers that creates a hostile work environment is sexual harassment. Workers should not be afraid to come to work, to voice their opinions, or to choose who they socialize with. When employers fail to respect that employees are entitled to make work-related decisions free from any sexual pressure, the employers should be held accountable, so the harassment stops and so the person who was harassed is compensated.

We guide sexual harassment clients through the state and federal laws that govern conduct at work. Our California harassment lawyers handle complex claims involving retaliation and wrongful termination, as well as sex and gender disclination claims. We fight for financial justice for our clients who should see work as a place where success is based on improving the company’s profits and serving the community – instead of how others behave.

Why choose Taylor & Ring?

Making a claim for compensation from your attacker can be overwhelming, we know. Our California sexual assault lawyers always fight for what is best for our clients. Taylor & Ring is recognized as one of the top plaintiffs’ trial law firms in California. The firm’s partners John Taylor and Dave Ring are listed in The Best Lawyers in America®, and the Firm has been named to Best Law Firms® for 2019, by one of the country’s premier legal rating agencies.

Our firm has obtained multi-million jury verdicts and settlements across the spectrum of civil litigation including sexual abuse and sexual assault lawsuits, injury claims, bad faith insurance contests, and other civil litigation matters. We know that filing a claim can often seem like another violation: of your privacy, of your life, and of your family. You deserve a lawyer who knows how to win, and who understand how to build a case in a way that is effective, thorough, and as minimally invasive to you as possible.

Our Los Angeles sexual abuse and sexual assault lawyers are here to support you through the entire process. We are discreet and sensitive to your story and your needs. We work with psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors and therapists so that the necessary information can be obtained in legal ways that respect the victim.

We also respect that your story is yours alone to tell, and offer a safe and secure space in which to tell it. Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us, and we will do whatever is in our power to ensure that you speak with an attorney who will make you feel safe, in a non-judgmental and discreet setting.

Our firm can help you get justice, when a claim is timely filed, by proving misconduct and demanding compensation for all your pain and suffering, your medical bills including visits with psychiatrists and psychologists, and all the income you lost. As an example, our firm record holds the largest per victim  settlement in the nation for a sexual abuse case – $7 million each for two females who were sexually abused by their teacher – and some of the largest awards for sexual assault cases in the state.

Skilled advocacy in complicated personal injury cases

Our firm has a reputation for tackling the hard cases – cases other personal injury lawyers are reluctant to take. Our Manhattan Beach personal injury attorneys fight to get clients every dollar they deserve, including compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering, scarring, and disfigurement. We fight for compensation for all your necessary medical bills including hospitalization, doctors’ visits, rehabilitation therapy, medical equipment, and medications, as well as for the income you lost while out of work.

The California sexual assault attorney you can trust to protect your future

At Taylor and Ring, our compassionate California sexual abuse and injury lawyers are ready to help you get justice. We answer your questions, guiding you through each phase of the case. Please call our firm in Los Angeles at 310-776-6390 or use this contact form to arrange to speak with an attorney, either at our office or at a location elsewhere in California that works best for you. The initial consultation is free, and we take most cases on a contingency fee basis. We’re ready to help you recover and start your life anew.

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Attorney David Ring Represented the Teenager Abused by Catholic School Teacher Who Received Record $8M Settlement from Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Despite years of previous allegations of misconduct against the athletic director at a Catholic high school,  a teenager who was sexually abused by him received the highest individual settlement in the history of the Los Angeles Archdiocese of $8 million in a sex abuse case, per a story in the Los Angeles Times.

Juan Ivan Barajas repeatedly sexually abused the then 15-year-old girl and eventually kidnapped her to Las Vegas after his wife discovered evidence that he was abusing the girl on his cell phone.

David Ring and Sonya Ostovar represented the abused student. Ring was quoted in the LA Times story, “It is astounding this abuse was allowed to occur given all the training and procedures the archdiocese claims it has put in place since the priest-abuse scandals of the early 2000s.”

Barajas, who is 38, pleaded guilty to felony statutory sexual seduction and was sentenced to six years in prison--three years served in Nevada and three years in California.

LA-TIMES Article

Representing clients from Southern California to the Bay Area

Taylor & Ring offers comprehensive counsel to clients throughout California, and has the means to travel to meet with clients far outside the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area. To learn more about our services, please contact our sexual assault and injury lawyers serving:

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling claims of child sexual abuse in schools, by members of religious orders, and in youth organizations. We also represent clients in police misconduct and brutality claims, as well as employees who wish to file sexual harassment lawsuits.


Watch Our Videos

Katie Couric Show

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client's YouTube confession led
to abuser's arrest


Special segment aimed at stopping
sexual abuse in schools featuring
David Ring and his client.

Google Reviews & Testimonials

From the first moment I contacted the law firm of Taylor and Ring, I felt that I was in safe hands. A victim of sexual assault and sexual battery, I was unfamiliar with civil law and uncertain whether I wanted to file a lawsuit. The criminal case relating to this matter lasted a long time, and while the DA was able to successfully prosecute the man who sexually assaulted me and send him to prison, the entire criminal process was grueling on many levels. I felt ill-prepared for court appearances and left in the dark when it came to legal motions. At times, it felt like I was the one on trial.

All of that changed when I met Dave Ring. At our first meeting, Dave walked me through the process of filing a civil lawsuit in great detail. He was honest and transparent, and it was clear to me that he and his team have unique expertise in cases involving sexual violence. I decided to give him a chance. It was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life.

Every step of the way, Dave guided me on what to expect and kept me informed of his progress. Any time there was a new development, he contacted me right away. Having helped many victims of sexual violence, Dave approached our conversations with a level of sensitivity that I valued immensely. I trusted him.

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual violence understands how the experience can leave you feeling like a part of you is gone. The physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of these events are often long-lasting. Working with Dave and his team helped me to heal. I regained confidence in myself and developed an improved sense of security in my daily life. The entire process was empowering. I am deeply grateful for Taylor and Ring and all that they did to help me on my journey.


The attorneys and team at Taylor & Ring were amazing. They are as legit as you can get. I had the pleasure of working with Louanne, David, and Shawn. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. They go above and beyond for their clients. Very friendly atmosphere, they make their clients feel very comfortable and confident in them. I did some research and came across Taylor & Ring and I am so glad that I did. They kept me up to date in my case and they always returned my calls.

Mary G.

From the moment we had the terrible experience and we reached out to Dave, he made us feel so safe and reassured that we were with the best lawyer to handle this awful situation; I could sense from our initial call that Dave would have our backs 100%. Dave came as a referral from a lawyer friend and he proved to be exceptional throughout. When we felt so helpless in the beginning, Dave was a gentle guide that was determined to support us and encouraged us to fight for justice. He helped us to get into therapy right away and diligently began working on our case.


We were referred to Taylor and Ring, by a trusted friend who worked for another law firm, as we were looking for someone who was adept with lawsuits against Public School Districts. Taylor and Ring was very professional in agreeing to pursue our case. They were very thorough and accessible throughout our 3+ years in the legal process. David Ring, and his Associates, seemed to genuinely care, not only about our lawsuit, but for our entire family. Their professionalism, diligence, and attention to detail, resulted in a life changing award for our daughter, at the expense of those that harmed her. We couldn't have made a better choice, and we recommend this firm enthusiastically!

Sharon H.

I turned to Taylor & Ring when I couldn't get anyone to listen much less take action and hold the school district accountable for employing a sexual predator. Dave Ring spoke to me the very first time that I called his office. He promptly arranged a time to talk and he came to us! He let us know that as alone as we felt at that time, this situation was way more common that we think and unfortunately through everything I learned through this experience, this situation is too common. Having the Taylor & Ring team made all the difference in the outcome, and while I would never in a million years “choose” to go through this, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the case, for my daughter. My daughter’s future is secured, thanks to Dave, Brendan, and the rest of their team who helped in anyway. They helped without making my daughter anymore uncomfortable than she already was, and they cheered her on when it was difficult. They truly got us through, one of the most horrific experiences of our lives!

Google Review

This is a great law firm that will get you your justice! Absolutely hard working, all-around individuals at this company. I highly recommend this law firm for anyone who needs justice for sexual harassment, abuse, and personal injury. They treat everyone professionally and kindly. This is a fantastic law firm in the South Bay!

Google Review

Taylor and Ring is a great law firm, I can only say wonderful things about it. Not only do they advocate for harassment and abuse, but personal injury. What great issues they are fighting for. Keep up the great work Taylor and Ring. Great, professional, and nice people at the firm.

Google Review

I heard about this law firm from some co-workers who shared with me about Taylor & Ring advocating for victims who experienced abuse or sexual harassment. I really appreciate a company with female lawyers who can be great role models for women and fighting for justice. To the women fighting for us, you've given every woman who has experienced abuse a voice, so thank you. Thank you for fighting for us and being the strength when needed. I love the idea of women empowering other women!

Google Review

We were devastated and at a loss for what to do when we started our search for a civil attorney. When we first met David Ring, he reassured us that he would do his best to bring us justice for the pain we endured. And he definitely did. He and Brendan Gilbert worked tirelessly and fiercely to advocate for us. Beyond being superior attorneys, they genuinely cared about our family. We always felt supported by them 1000%- they went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with everything going on and they earned our full trust. We appreciated that they made sure every meeting or person we would speak to would be to our strategic advantage and that they were always available to answer our many questions/concerns. Although it was very painful to recount details of the attack, we were always very much reassured by their presence- they always made all the other lawyers in the room appear meek and concede, which put us at ease. They are truly the absolute best and most amazing lawyers we could have ever hoped to find and we cannot rave about them enough!! THANK YOU!!!

Google Review

Finding the right attorney to represent you in a legal matter is very important, after consulting with many attorneys, I decided to retain the Law Firm of Taylor and Ring. It was the best decision I ever made. My court case involved going up against a large powerful institution who probably had there own set of high powered attorneys and wasn’t interested in settling. I worked closely with attorney, David Ring, who is experienced, and very well respected in the legal community. I also was fortunate to have attorney Natalie Weatherford on the case. She is extremely knowledgeable, skillful, and professional. I was able to avoid a long protracted court case and reach a quick settlement was due in large part to my legal dream team. The settlement allowed me to move forward and finally have closure, and for that I will always be grateful to both my attorneys.

Google Review

I had a good experience working with Taylor & Ring and would work with them again. My matter was resolved efficiently and I am happy with the outcome. I also appreciated that the attorneys at Taylor & Ring are good advocates, compassionate and can help navigate stressful times. Dave Ring and the other attorneys at the firm are extremely professional and have strong reputations, which is important when negotiating resolutions of legal matters. I plan to use Taylor & Ring again in the future if I ever need them for a personal injury or similar matter

Google Review

I was recently represented by Taylor & Ring in a lawsuit. I found the firm very knowledgeable, professional, and supportive in their interactions with me over a 2+ year period. The whole team worked with me every step of the way during my case, helping me navigate and achieve closure on a difficult situation in a way that went far beyond my expectations. My main point of contact was Natalie Weatherford, whose style of communicating I appreciated very much--it's at once compassionate and no-nonsense in articulating the nuances of the legal system and what is owed her clients. I'm very glad I took the advice of a friend to contact Taylor & Ring.

Google Review

I felt extremely well-represented by Dave Ring, Natalie Weatherford, and Sonya Ostovar in my case. They were professional, empathetic, and clear in communicating the legal aspects of the case in a way that was compassionate and easy for me to understand. I felt that they did an excellent job in advocating for me in a persistent and professional manner. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case. They have a reputation for being very well respected in their field, and from my personal experience, I highly recommend Taylor and Ring.

Google Review

I highly recommend Taylor & Ring, as they were knowledgeable, communicative, trusting, and caring through my 3+ year case experience. The firm looked out for me every step of the way, and I am very satisfied with the case's outcome.

Google Review

I am incredibly thankful that a friend referred me to Taylor and Ring. They helped me navigate a very complicated situation and communicated with me every step of the way. I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Google Review

I worked primarily with Dave Ring and Natalie Weatherford to pursue a lawsuit and they were excellent lawyers. Professional, competent, and kind. They are also experienced and connected, which led to a very positive outcome for my case. Thanks, Natalie and Dave!

Google Review

Taylor & Ring is the absolute best law firm in the LA area - they are dedicated, professional and knowledgeable. They work hard to get clients the best outcome. They helped my family out tremendously when we needed it the most and I am very grateful.

Google Review

he attorneys at Taylor Ring are truly excellent. They're dedicated, hardworking, and will fight tirelessly for full justice on behalf of their clients from the first meeting all the way through trial. I've worked with Sonya Ostovar on a professional level many times, and know that she is one of the most compassionate attorneys out there and always available to her clients, who are often struggling with very difficult situations. I highly recommend the firm.

Google Review

Taylor & Ring really is the best of the best! Their attorneys have vast experience in many different areas of the law. Their strategic approach, long, hard hours and dedication to their cases have consistently yielded favorable results for their clients over many, many years. They are smart, friendly, accessible and compassionate.

Google Review

Spoke with Candace and she is very professional and kind. This is a law firm that is not afraid to take on big cases. If you want to prevail in your case, this is the law firm to try and attain. I highly recommend this excellent law firm.

Google Review

The absolute best advocates for their clientele. I have nothing but superlatives for Taylor & Ring. they do what they do for the right reasons, truly partner with you as a plaintiff and help you walk through difficult legal issues, and ultimately drive outcomes. not much more i could have asked for.

Google Review

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