Los Angeles Injury Attorneys Advocating for Victims of Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Serious Injury

Diligently assisting the residents of Los Angeles and Southern California with a variety of personal injury and sexual abuse cases

The attorneys of Taylor & Ring diligently represent each client with compassion and focus. We believe that all of our clients deserve knowledgeable and experienced service from attorneys with a commitment to integrity and ethical practices. Serving the residents of Greater Los Angeles and Southern California, our reliable Los Angeles personal injury and sexual abuse lawyers represent victims in a variety of civil litigation cases, advocating for justice on their behalf.

Compassionate representation for victims of sexual assault

The effects of sexual assault and sexual abuse last far beyond the incident. Victims commonly suffer psychological and emotional effects for years and possibly the remainder of their lives. At our firm, we believe that perpetrators of sexual assault and sexual abuse should be held accountable for their actions. That is why we commit ourselves to the comprehensive representation of adult and child victims of:

We represent special needs children and offer a wide array of resources for families and victims alike. Our clients trust our knowledgeable Los Angeles sexual assault attorneys to handle their cases with compassion and a high level of legal skill.

Aggressively fighting for the rights of sexual harassment victims

More than half of all workers experience some form of workplace harassment in their professional lives, according to a survey. These traumatic incidents include a variety of behaviors, such as unwelcome touching, groping, stalking behaviors, explicit jokes and various other types of inappropriate behaviors. Our attorneys believe that a hostile work environment is unacceptable. We have successfully represented many clients in sexual harassment litigation. If an employer or institution failed to stop harassing behavior or retaliated against the victim in any way, we will aggressively pursue justice and appropriate compensation.

Aggressive representation for your personal injury

The law firm of Taylor & Ring represents people who have suffered serious or permanent injuries and families whose loved ones have been tragically killed in a preventable accident. We routinely handle the following types of personal injury cases:

No matter the severity of your injuries nor the complexities of your case, we have the resources, skills and experience to assist you. Our experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have a proven track record of obtaining precedent-setting awards and settlements in a variety of personal injury cases.

Advocating for clients and families harmed by police misconduct

The surge in police brutality and misconduct cases in this country is not new; neither is our commitment to justice on behalf of the victims and their families. Taylor & Ring represents clients in Los Angeles and throughout California whose rights have been violated, and whose lives have been taken, by local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and agencies. Whether you have been hurt during a peaceful protest, denied your rights while in detention, or have lost a loved one to police misconduct, we are here to fight for you. Contact us to learn more about our services regarding:

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