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Horatio Sanz Accused of Sexual Assault

We can all agree that sexual assault committed by anyone is unacceptable. However, what we often do not consider is how certain institutions condone or allow sexual assault to continue. There are some institutions or people who choose to turn a blind eye while sexual assault is taking place. You do not have to travel…

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Using DNA Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases

Last month, a bill passed up to the California Senate Appropriations Committee that could change the manner in which the DNA samples of sexual assault survivors will be handled. The bill, known as Senate Bill 1228, Genetic Privacy for Sexual Assault Victims, would prevent police officers from obtaining the DNA profiles of sexual assault victims…

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Sexual Abuse of Minors in the Entertainment Industry

Judy Garland. Corey Haim. Shirley Temple. Todd Bridges. The entertainment industry has a history of sexually abusing minors. Although there are few statistics to accurately measure the number of sexually abused minors in the industry, many former child entertainers have come forward to shine a spotlight on the dark side of the industry. Jeffrey Cooper…

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Mario Batali Acquitted of Sexual Assault

This past May, Mario Batali was cleared of sexual misconduct charges. The famous TV chef and restaurateur was charged with indecent battery and assault after a situation that took place in a Boston bar with a woman. The woman accused Batali of forcibly kissing and groping her in 2017. Batali faced two and a half…

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Trevor Bauer Won’t Face Criminal Charges

When you have been assaulted by another person, you expect to be represented and fought for by the District Attorney (D.A.). However, while the D.A. will bring up charges against the alleged perpetrator, they will not always find enough evidence to support the accusation. However, victims can still file a civil claim against their assaulter,…

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Snoop Dogg Accused of Sexual Assault

With his performance at the Super Bowl LVI making Snoop Dogg a big name in family homes again, it’s no wonder that new sexual assault allegations against him and his associate have recently come to light. This often happens when a celebrity finds their way into the spotlight because past victims are forcibly reminded of…

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