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As published in the Daily Nexus, in April 2013, five UC Santa Barbara students were injured following a balcony collapse. The incident occurred during Deltopia festival weekend when about 20 partygoers were clustered on an Isla Vista fraternity’s balcony when the 100-square-foot deck suddenly collapsed.

Five students were sent to the hospital for medical attention, and sought legal counsel from attorney Robert Clayton. “The evidence is pretty clear that it wasn’t their fault,” said Clayton. “Thankfully, nobody was killed by the collapse; that easily could have happened.”

The lawsuit, filed by Stephanie Grace, accused Ronald Wolfe & Associates, Inc., claiming that Wolfe neglected wood rot and serious termite infestations in the 25-year-old building, ultimately causing the balcony to fall. The building was known to have gone through prior inspections and was noted to have six areas affected by dry wood termites throughout the deck, ceiling and balcony area, and two instances of dry rot and fungus; however, the management company did nothing to repair the deck.

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