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Lawyers Genie Harrison and David Ring File Lawsuit Against Coast Music And Piano Instructor John Scott For Sexual Abuse of a Minor

— Lawsuit alleges that Coast Music could have prevented any molestation from ever occurring —

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Lawyers Genie Harrison of Genie Harrison Law Firm and David Ring of Taylor & Ring have joined forces to file a lawsuit against Coast Music in Orange County and piano instructor John Mordecai Scott on behalf of a young girl who was sexually assaulted by Scott while she took piano lessons from him for over two years. Scott is currently facing over 100 years in prison for molesting several girls who were his students. Scott was arrested in 2014 after investigators received a complaint from one student. Further investigation revealed Scott had sexually erotic and pornographic photos of many young girls on his computer, including several who were taking piano lessons from him. The criminal case is currently pending.

The civil lawsuit filed today in Orange County Superior Court names as defendants Scott and his employer, Coast Music, and the store’s owner. Scott committed many of the crimes at the Coast Music store in Orange County during music lessons. He had a camera with him during many lessons. He was allowed to stay in the store with the student even after the store was closed to the public. No one from the store ever checked up on Scott during the lessons. Scott refused to allow the girl’s mother to remain during the lessons because it would be “disruptive.”

The victims’ lawyers, Mr. Ring and Ms. Harrison, encourage other victims to come forward in an effort to ensure that Scott does not get away with these horrific crimes. The lawsuit they filed is aimed at ensuring Coast Music (and other similar music stores that offer lessons to kids) changes its policies and also to obtain compensation for the young victim, who was seriously emotionally harmed.

“This could have been prevented had Coast Music supervised its piano instructor,” said Genie Harrison, one of the victim’s civil lawyers. “There were many red flags and warning signs that Coast Music simply ignored. Coast Music’s failure to protect the children taking lessons at its store has changed innocent lives in ways that never should have happened.”

“There is no excuse whatsoever that such conduct could go on for so long at Coast Music’s store. Scott knew he wasn’t being watched. Scott is a despicable person and Coast Music was obligated by law to supervise him,” said David Ring, co-counsel for the victim.

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