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The Effects of Sexual Harassment in Everyday Life

Sexual harassment is a form of harassment that involves the use of implicit and explicit sexual overtones. It is a collection of unwanted and unwelcome physical and verbal sexual attention. Although workplace harassment is the most common form of sexual harassment that most of us think about, sexual harassment happens across all parts of life.…

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Sexual Abuse Committed by Doctors

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Still, there are significant issues that male victims of sexual abuse endure when deciding to publicly speak out about their abuse. Some victims experience guilt and shame, believing that they should have been “strong enough” to fight the perpetrator. Some men experience…

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Educating Ourselves on Human Trafficking in the United States

Imagine coming into contact with a trucker and being held captive for over eight months. While you are held against your will for all that time, you are beaten and raped repeatedly in the trucker’s own vehicle. This was the true reality for a woman who was kidnapped by a trucker named Robert Jeffrey Johnson,…

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California Colleges and Sexual Harassment

Sexual violence has been an issue on many college campuses for quite some time. Anyone – any age, gender, race, or student status – is at risk for violence, harassment, or assault on their college or university campus. In fact, experts assert that 13 percent of all college students experience rape or sexual assault through…

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Marilyn Manson Under Investigation for Assault

Marilyn Manson is a musical star who rose to fame in the mid-1990s. Ever since Manson was introduced to the spotlight, he has been surrounded by controversy; and this year is no different. Currently, Manson is facing several assault and domestic violence allegations. The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department obtained a search warrant for Manson’s…

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Female Firefighters Speak Out About Sexual Harassment

Even in this current day and age, there are occupations that are still male-dominated and difficult for female employees to navigate safely. When we think of police officers and firefighters, for example, we tend to see more police officers and firefighters who are men than women. One of the reasons why these types of occupations…

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Santa Ana Survivor Finally Gets Justice After 38 Years

The last statement that any parent wants to hear from their child is that he or she was sexually assaulted at school. Sadly, that is the reality for a majority of children and teenagers. Statistics from the Education Department have shown that reports of sexual assault at schools rose from nearly 9,600 in the 2015…

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USC Fraternity Sigma Nu Facing Accusations of Drugs, Sexual Assault

The fraternity Sigma Nu Fraternity has recently made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. The fraternity joins a long list of fraternities that have engaged in numerous incidents of sexual assault. The president of the Epsilon Omicron Chapter at the University of Southern California, Ryan Schiffilea, was recently suspended after reports of possible drug-facilitated…

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