Rapper Soulja Boy in Mudslide-Related Car Accident

	Rapper Soulja Boy in Mudslide-Related Car AccidentAfter rainfall caused mudslides and flash flooding in Southern California last month, rapper Soulja Boy took to social media to talk about a close call.

“Was involved in a very bad car accident last night due to a flash flood and mud slide,” he tweeted on January 6. He later tweeted a news photo of the mudslides in Malibu with a comment reading, “My car got stuck too almost went into the ocean,” along with a prayer emoji, then adding on Instagram, “I’m just thankful to be alive.”

Soulja Boy got lucky and suffered no injuries, losing only his car in the mudslide. However, if you live in a mudslide- or landslide-prone area, it’s imperative that you’re prepared for these types of emergencies. Of course, sometimes they can’t be foreseen, but with a little planning you may be able to prevent a tragedy.

California mudslide safety

Mudslides and landslides typically occur in the same places they’ve occurred in the past. High-risk areas include areas affected by wildfire, periods of heavy rain or snowmelt, or shaking due to earthquakes.

The Red Cross recommends preparing for mudslides by:

  • Learning local evacuation plans.
  • Creating – and practicing – a household evacuation plan.
  • Putting together an emergency preparedness kit.
  • Finding out where water runoff or storm water drains near your home.

During severe storms or during mudslides:

  • Evacuate as soon as possible if you suspect danger – inform your neighbors as well as public works and authorities
  • Listen and be alert for any sounds that may indicate landslides or mudslides, like rocks knocking together, cracking trees, the sound of increased water flow, or a change from clear to muddy water.
  • Be alert when driving – look for mud, fallen rocks, or other signs of debris flow and slide.
  • Take your animals and pets with you if you evacuate. If you have many or large animals, consider taking them with you as soon as you are aware your area may be in danger.
  • Stay alert when there’s a chance of mudslides – many deaths and injuries occur while people are asleep.

You must stay safe after a mudslide, too. Stay away from the area until the danger of more landslides is gone. Check on neighbors who may need help, unless it’s unsafe to do so, in which case point authorities to their locations. Tune into local radio or TV for the latest information. Report broken utility lines – do not touch!

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