Taylor & Ring and Lederer & Nojima Secure $3 Million Settlement Against City of Manhattan Beach for Personal Injury

As published in the Daily Breeze, John Taylor and David Ring, as well as attorney David Lederer with Lederer & Nojima settled a lawsuit against the City of Manhattan Beach for $3 million on behalf of a woman who was blinded in one eye after being hit by a flying golf disc at Manhattan Beach’s Polliwog Park.

Noreen Goodbody’s suffered a detached retina and traumatic cataract and underwent four unsuccessful surgeries to try to save the vision in her eye. Due to her injury, she missed four months of work, can no longer drive on freeways and experiences poor depth perception.

“It’s hard to imagine how the city made sense of allowing these discs to be thrown through crowds of people,” said John Taylor. “It’s absurd that no one anticipated the danger that could occur.”

In 2014, the City Council voted to close the disc golf course at Polliwog Park, but not before another tragedy occurred. In November of 2013, a six-year old boy was struck by a golf disc at the park and contracted a life-threatening brain injury. Lederer & Nojima has filed a lawsuit against the City for this case as well. “The lack of responsibility exhibited in Goodbody’s case was stunning,” said Dave Lederer. “Playing this type of sport in a multiuse park is like asking for trouble.”

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