Taylor & Ring Obtains $4.5 Million Verdict For Two Girls Molested In Elementary School

Taylor & Ring obtained a $4.5 million jury verdict on behalf of two female elementary students who were molested by their teacher, Raymond Firth. Firth was a third grade teacher at Pacific Rim Elementary School. He molested one girl for almost the entire school year. When he started to molest the other girl, she told her parents, who called the police. Firth was arrested and convicted and served time in prison.

At trial, victims’ lawyers David Ring and Louanne Masry proved that Carlsbad Unified School District was negligent in monitoring its teacher. The school received several complaints about the teacher’s inappropriate comments and interactions with female students over the years, yet did little to nothing in response to those complaints.

The jury unanimously found the School District liable for negligent supervision of the teacher. “The message is that Carlsbad Unified School District better start taking supervision seriously,” said Mr. Ring in an interview with the North County Times. After the verdict, many jurors said they were struck by the fact that no one documented the repeated complaints from parents about Firth’s improper physical interactions with female students.