Taylor & Ring Obtains $5.6 Million Verdict For Sexually Abused Student

Taylor & Ring obtained a $5.6 million jury verdict on behalf of a teenage girl against Chino Valley Unified School District and its science teacher John Hirsch after Hirsch engaged in unlawful sex with the student. At trial, the victim’s lawyers, David Ring and Louanne Masry, proved that the School District knew Hirsch had sent extremely improper, romantic emails to the female student, yet still allowed Hirsch to keep his teaching job and had the student remain in his class. Hirsch then commenced a sexual relationship with the girl. At the end of that school year, the school district provided Hirsch with a false letter of recommendation so he could quietly resign and use the recommendation to obtain employment at another school.

Days later, Hirsch was caught climbing out of the girl’s bedroom window at midnight and was arrested. Hirsch pled guilty and served time in jail.

Mr. Ring said the victim was “courageous” in taking the witness stand at trial and that her testimony was important in proving the school’s negligent supervision of its teacher. If the school had acted responsibly, the teacher would never have had the opportunity to engage in illegal sex with his student.

The case was featured in the Los Angeles Times and the Chino Champion.