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Lawyer Referrals

Lawyer Referrals

Lawyer Referrals

Taylor & Ring prides itself on our solid and longstanding relationships with lawyers who frequently refer cases to us in exchange for a percentage of our attorney’s fees earned from that case.

All Types Of Lawyers Refer Cases To Our Firm

We pay referral fees to all types of lawyers – not just to other personal injury lawyers. We have paid referral fees to lawyers who specialize in:

  • Family law
  • Immigration law
  • Corporate law
  • Insurance defense law
  • Criminal law

If your goal is to refer a client or friend to us in order ensure that person is placed in the hands of a capable personal injury law firm, we will be happy to enter into a referral fee arrangement with you.

State Bar Rules Authorize Fee-Sharing Between Lawyers

Some lawyers who are unfamiliar with personal injury law mistakenly think they are not allowed to accept a referral fee. The State Bar of California authorizes lawyers to share fees on a case, so long as the client is made aware of that fee-sharing agreement in writing. We comply with all State Bar rules when entering into fee-sharing agreements.

How Much Does A Referring Lawyer Typically Receive?

Typically, we pay referral fees that range between a 20-33% share of our fee with the client. For example, if we have a 40% retainer with the client, a referring attorney might receive one-third of our 40% fee when the case is settled. We negotiate a figure with the other lawyer at the outset of the case.

Why Should You Refer A Case To Taylor & Ring?

Maybe you are a solo practitioner who has landed a very large personal injury case, but you do not feel you have the manpower or financial resources to battle the defendants to a fair settlement. By allowing us to handle the case, you take all the risk out of your own practice and place it in ours. With our proven results, you will feel confident that your client is in good hands and that the size of the settlement or verdict we obtain makes it a “win-win-win” situation for the client, you and us.

Or, perhaps a relative, friend or neighbor approached you because you are “a lawyer” and they have a personal injury case to pursue. You have never handled a personal injury case in your career, and are not about to now. But, you want to ensure that person ends up with an established law firm that will obtain the very best results. If you bring that case to us, you are entitled to a referral fee when it is resolved.

Also, we often “associate” into cases that other attorneys have already begun litigating but have hit a roadblock or hurdle mid-stream. The case may be close to trial, or perhaps the attorney is beginning to feel he is in over his head because of some complexity in the case. Or, the defense tactic of papering the solo practitioner to death with frivolous motions is taking its toll. Taylor & Ring will often enter into a fee-sharing, cost-sharing, and work-sharing agreement so that the referring lawyer still stays involved in the case, but is not stuck litigating or trying the case alone.

Please call us if you have an injured client, friend or associate you want to refer to us or if you are litigating a solid personal injury case that has reached a difficult stage of the litigation and you no longer want to “go it alone.”

We are honest and ethical. We comply with all State Bar rules. We put all referral agreements in writing. Our reputation means everything to us. We keep our referral lawyers apprised of all significant developments. We honor our referral agreements. We pay referral fees promptly and without hesitation.

Taylor & Ring wants to do business with you.

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