A.J. Calloway Accused of Sexual Assault

A.J. Calloway Accused of Sexual AssaultA.J. Calloway, the host of Extra, is facing allegations of sexual assault. Calloway was suspended earlier in February by Warner Bros. for the mounting accusations against him. So far, six women have accused Calloway of sexual assault or sexual harassment, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter. Calloway’s suspension came right before a tell-all exposé was to be published by The Hollywood Reporter.

The initial accuser

The first person to publicly accuse Calloway of sexual assault was author and domestic violence activist Sil Lai Abrams. Abrams came forward in June 2018, exposing her encounter with Calloway. According to Abrams, she and Calloway were in his car in 2006 when the incident occurred. Calloway reportedly groped her and also exposed himself. Abrams also said that Calloway masturbated in front of her and tried to force her head into his lap.

An accusation of rape

The second victim of Calloway to come forward was Jeannie Delgado, who also told her story to The Hollywood Reporter. Delgado said in an interview that she and Calloway met on a flight to Los Angeles from Newark in 2008. Delgado works in aviation. The two became friendly and she was invited to a Christmas party at his home in 2008. Delgado was invited for another party in 2009, which is when Calloway offered her an opportunity to stay over for the night. Delgado said that Calloway raped her that night.

“When I tried to get up, he pulled me back down and bear-hugged me,” she said. “That was for hours. I lay there crying the whole time. When the sun came up, he raped me again.”

Delgado said that the only reason she came forward about her story was because she read the account from Abrams that was published publicly. When Delgado originally spoke about her story it was done so anonymously. She has since changed her mind and wanted to get her name out there associated with the story.

“That’s the part that haunts me the most”

Another victim of Calloway identifies herself in the story from The Hollywood Reporter as Daisy. In the tell-all from The Hollywood Reporter, Daisy said that she first met Calloway back in 2003 at a club in Los Angeles when she was 19. Daisy said that Calloway took her home and then sexually assaulted her.

“He’d be in me, and I was able to get him out of me, off of me, but he was too strong,” she said. “He kept yelling, ‘You don’t want me!’ At a certain point I gave up. That’s the part that haunts me the most. I was just crying.”

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