Nov 24, 2016

Second-largest bankruptcy settlement of priest sex abuse claims

By |November 24th, 2016|Child Sex Abuse, Legal News|0 Comments

In the sad realm of child sexual abuse in the United States, is there anything more tragic and disheartening than the sordid tale of persistent abuse inflicted on children by clergy members of the Roman Catholic Church? Pedophilism is of course unlawful and egregious criminal conduct that targets and can forever haunt thereafter victims who [...]

Nov 13, 2016

UK-cited child sexual abuse problem underscores global dimensions

By |November 13th, 2016|Child Sex Abuse, Legal News|0 Comments

Recent news coming in from the United Kingdom underscores both a staggering "local" problem relating to child sexual abuse and its trans-border dimensions that embrace the entire globe. The FBI and supporting investigatory task forces across America appreciate well the uphill battle they fight against pornographers and pedophiles focused upon obscene and illegal child imagery [...]

Oct 8, 2016

Human error a central catalyst in wrongful death outcomes

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Virtually any caring and empathetic personal injury attorney can readily speak to the stark upside involved in helping injury victims and their families obtain closure and meaningful recoveries in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Bringing legal acumen and experience to bear on behalf of individuals who sorely need assistance is often a profoundly and [...]

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