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Now Everyone Will See What Happened to Joseph Perez

On March 5th, the Fresno Police Department released 22 minutes of edited body camera footage that showed the death of 41-year-old Joseph Perez. Both the police and paramedics tried to keep this video footage of what happened to Perez confidential; it was only because of John Taylor and Neil Gehlawat’s efforts to challenge that designation…

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Attorney Neil Gehlawat Speaks with USA TODAY about “Spit Hoods” and Police Misconduct

Combat veteran Gregory Lloyd Edwards died in 2018 after an altercation with corrections officers at the Brevard County Jail, Florida. At the time, the county medical examiner concluded Edwards’ cause of death was something called “excited delirium and complications,” due to a “hyperactive and violent state with subsequent restraint.” His death was ruled an accident.…

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