OC To Pay $7.5M to Family of Kurt Reinhold, Who Was Shot & Killed by a Deputy

OC To Pay $7.5M to Family of Kurt Reinhold, Who Was Shot & Killed by a DeputyTaylor & Ring is pleased to report that after three long, painful years, justice is finally being served for the Reinhold family. Orange County supervisors have approved a $7.5 million settlement in a lawsuit regarding the wrongful death of Kurt Reinhold back in 2020. This is the largest settlement against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for a police shooting.

Reinhold was shot by police officers in San Clemente after being stopped by two sheriff deputies from the city’s homeless outreach team on suspicion of jaywalking. The truth – later confirmed by the District Attorney’s own investigation into the shooting – is that Reinhold was not jaywalking.

In fact, as attorney Neil Gehlawat told Fox 11 News in February 2022, “The deputies had no business stopping him in the first place. Everything after that is unlawful. The standard for a detention under the Fourth Amendment is the officers have to have a reasonable suspicion he is committing a crime and I don’t think that standard is met.”

The video actually shows the two deputies discussing whether Reinhold is jaywalking before they decide to approach him. It captures the deputies having a racist conversation about Reinhold and fabricating a (false) pretext for stopping him, i.e. jaywalking. Despite claiming they wanted to provide him with “homeless services,” neither deputy ever offered those to him.

Reinhold’s death sparked protests and public questions on how an alleged jaywalking charge could escalate to a fatal physical struggle. Coupled with the fact that the county declined to file charges against the officers made this a hot-button news issue.

Now, says attorney John C. Taylor, “The board approval is vindication for the Reinhold family. There needs to be accountability when deputies use excessive force and this is a step in that direction.

“The family hopes that the unnecessary killing of Kurt Reinhold can impact the interactions between the Sheriff’s homeless outreach deputies and the people they’re supposed to serve,” he added.

Everything about this case is a tragedy, from the egregious behavior of those in authority to the devastating loss and grief of Kurt’s family. But perhaps the most tragic thing is this: Kurt Reinhold was killed by the very people who were supposed to help him. He was unarmed. He was clearly in need of help. They had him literally on the ground. It was broad daylight.

And yet, we see it happen time and time again: law enforcement acting with impunity and immunity, safe in their belief that because they are “the law,” they are above the law.

But not today. Today, there is justice for Kurt Reinhold and his family. This lawsuit is not going to bring him back, but at least it demands public accountability. And we hope that this case can bring attention to our vulnerable homeless population and help better inform our homeless outreach deputies in the way they interact with our citizens from now on.

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