An Off-Duty LA Firefighter Seriously Injured an Unarmed Man Giving Out Halloween Candy – and He Didn’t Spend a Day in Jail

Samuel Chang Halloween night

Samuel Chang was handing out candy on Halloween when an off-duty LA firefighter, Eric Carpenter, and three other men followed him, threatened him, berated him and chased him down a block. Eventually, Carpenter put Chang in a chokehold while two other men held his legs down – for six-and-a-half minutes.

How do we know? There are videos to prove it.

The LA Times reports:

“According to the affidavit, LAPD investigators determined Carpenter was the ‘primary aggressor.’ Based on the video, they concluded that Carpenter, Vitar and another man could be seen ‘following, chasing and harassing Chang and preventing him from leaving.’

A probation report filed in the case went a step further, saying Carpenter’s decision to apply a choke nearly proved fatal.

‘The victim was unconscious and stopped breathing,’ the report read. ‘Had defendants Carpenter and Vitar not been firefighters, the victim would have died.’”

Chang sustained serious injuries – kidney failure, head trauma, etc. – that kept him hospitalized for weeks. He has had to suspend his graduate studies as a result.

David Ring is representing Samuel Chang in a civil suit against his assailants.

You can read the full complaint here [Download]

You can view the videos below.

WARNING: The following video clips contain threats, intimidation, physical violence and strong language. Due to the graphic nature, viewer discretion is advised.

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Video – 2/6

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