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There Could Be Dozens of Lawsuits Filed Against USC

There could be dozens of lawsuits filed against USC, alleging the sexual abuse of former doctor George Tyndall. Dave Ring, partner at Taylor & Ring, filed the second lawsuit on behalf of his client “J.C.” You can read more about the case here. Click Here To Read Full Article David M. RingDavid Ring is a…

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The Number of Women Suing USC is Growing

The number of women suing USC is growing. The lawsuits allege that former doctor George Tyndall sexually abused and harassed them while they were under his care. Dave Ring, partner at Taylor & Ring, told the LA Times that his client decided to come forward because “She realizes now some of the things he did…

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Six Women Have Filed Lawsuits Against USC

As of now, six women have filed lawsuits against USC, alleging that the school’s former doctor, George Tyndall, sexually abused them. Louanne Masry, partner at Taylor & Ring, told the New York Times “There will be other women coming forward. We’re getting lots of calls in. This is only going to grow.” The firm is…

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An Off-Duty LA Firefighter Seriously Injured an Unarmed Man Giving Out Halloween Candy – and He Didn’t Spend a Day in Jail

Samuel Chang was handing out candy on Halloween when an off-duty LA firefighter, Eric Carpenter, and three other men followed him, threatened him, berated him and chased him down a block. Eventually, Carpenter put Chang in a chokehold while two other men held his legs down – for six-and-a-half minutes. How do we know? There…

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David Ring on ABC’s Nightline with Victim in Marlborough Sex Abuse Lawsuit Discussing “Passing The Trash”

Taylor & Ring partner, David Ring, was featured on ABC’s Nightline on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 with victim, Chelsea Burkett, in the now notorious Marlborough sex abuse scandal. The focus of the Nightline special was the reckless response by two L.A. private schools, Viewpoint and Marlborough, to English teacher Joseph Koetters’ repeated misconduct towards students.…

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David Ring To Appear On ABC’s Nightline With Victim In The Childhood Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against L.A.’s Prestigious Marlborough School

Taylor & Ring partner, David Ring, will be featured on ABC’s Nightline tonight (12:35 a.m. PST) with victim, Chelsea Burkett, in the now notorious Marlborough sex abuse scandal. Tonight, for the first time, Chelsea will be speaking out and revealing her identity. “Remaining in the shadows implies I should be ashamed of what happened to…

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Daily Nexus Interviews Robert Clayton Following the $1.65 Million Settlement in Santa Barbara Balcony Collapse

As published in the Daily Nexus, in April 2013, five UC Santa Barbara students were injured following a balcony collapse. The incident occurred during Deltopia festival weekend when about 20 partygoers were clustered on an Isla Vista fraternity’s balcony when the 100-square-foot deck suddenly collapsed. Five students were sent to the hospital for medical attention,…

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Dave Ring Featured in Lawdragon’s Lawyer Limelight

Partner Dave Ring discusses how his practice has evolved since the 90’s, balancing law with family life and why he admires his clients in Lawdragon’s: Lawyer Limelight series. “My former law partner and I, Patrick McNicholas, decided to take this particular abuse case to trial because the settlement offer was low. The jury returned a…

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