Most Summer Camp Injuries are Avoidable with Proper Precautions

The end of the school year is here, and thousands of kids across Southern California will head off to camp for a summer full of memories. Unfortunately, negligence by camp owners and counselors can leave children severely or fatally injured.

Causes of summer camp injuries

When families entrust summer camps with the safety of their children, they expect that the highest level of attention and care will be consistently given. When camp owners and staff members fail to meet these duties, serious injuries can occur. Some of the common causes of summer camp injuries include:

  • Lack of supervision. Camp is a time for fun, but it is also a time for close supervision. The abundance of risks on a campsite requires that camp counselors keep an appropriate eye on each of the children. This duty demands an adequate number of counselors in relation to the number of campers. Background checks and employee supervision are also necessary to promote safe interactions between counselors and campers. Inadequate hiring practices can lead to sexual assault and other physical injuries.
  • Drowning. No summer camp experience is complete without swimming. Whether it involves a dip in the lake or a few laps in a pool, camps have a duty to promote safety during all water-related recreational activities. Staff must ensure that qualified lifeguards are on duty. They must also provide adequate supervision of campers to ensure that no one is utilizing the pool or waterway unattended. Camps must also ensure that pools are properly maintained to prevent other hazards that can arise.
  • Bus accidents. Summer camps often use busses to transport participants to and from the camp, as well as for field trips. The camp is responsible for promoting safety during these bus rides. Drivers should be adequately trained and knowledgeable about operating a large bus. These vehicles also require proper maintenance to prevent avoidable accidents.
  • Severe burns. Campfires are a routine part of the camping experience. From roasting hotdogs around the fire to making delicious s’mores, campers are often in the presence of open-air fires. Without proper precautions and supervision, these fires can lead to serious burns. In their efforts to start a fire, a child or camp counselor may inadvertently add a highly flammable substance, causing it to explode or spread rapidly. Fires that are not sufficiently extinguished can also create hazards for campers walking around the grounds. It only takes a moment for severe burns to change a camper’s entire life.

When summer camps fail to adequately care for their campers, the skilled Los Angeles child injury lawyers of Taylor & Ring hold them accountable for their negligence. If your child was injured at summer camp, call us at 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form.

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