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Dehydration and Malnutrition

Los Angeles Nursing Home Lawyers Assisting Victims of Dehydration and Malnutrition

Reliable legal representation from LA personal injury attorneys when nursing homes fail to meet their duty of care

Many nursing home residents are completely dependent on the facility’s staff members to provide for their every need. This includes the provision of nutritional foods and adequate hydration. Malnutrition and dehydration are serious afflictions that affect many nursing home residents. Unfortunately, these conditions can also lead to much more serious health problems for elderly residents who are already extremely vulnerable to injuries and illnesses.

The knowledgeable Los Angeles nursing home abuse lawyers at Taylor & Ring have the resources to determine if your loved one is suffering from malnutrition or dehydration due to the nursing home staff’s negligence. Our dedicated team of personal injury attorneys has recovered damages for all types of nursing home abuse, and they can provide your loved one with the steadfast advocacy he or she needs. There is no substitute for the experience and resources we can use to help your loved one receive justice.

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Nursing home staff must provide constant vigilance to avoid injury

According to a report by the National Institute of Health, malnutrition among the elderly is often attributed to four causes:

  • Inadequate food intake. When nursing homes do not provide residents with an adequate amount of food, malnutrition can result. This problem may be due to negligence, where a staff member misses a resident’s meal time due to understaffing. However, this may also result from purposeful abuse, where a staff member intentionally deprives a resident of adequate food.
  • Poor food choices. The choice of food is just as important as the amount of food. Elderly individuals have particular needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals. A nursing home that caters to this specific population should consider these special circumstances and employ staff members with the skills and knowledge to ensure that recommended dietary allowances are consistently met.
  • Illness that requires increased nutrient intake. Some residents may suffer from illnesses that require larger levels of specific nutrients to provide the patient with adequate nutrition. Nursing homes should employ staff members who are able to analyze patient medical needs and provide meals that meet those specific requirements.
  • Loss of nutrients or poor nutrient absorption. Many medical disorders cause valuable nutrients to be lost. If a patient is unable to absorb nutrients, they are not reaching the bloodstream where they can benefit the body. Without adequate replenishment, the patient may experience malnutrition.

Dehydration is a lack of adequate water within the body, which causes the disruption of bodily functions. It is a continuous concern, partially because the human body is constantly losing water that must be replaced on a regular basis. Within a nursing home, dehydration often stems from a resident’s inability to communicate thirst or ask for water. In some cases, even when the resident is able to voice this need, staff members ignore the request, leaving the resident to become increasingly dehydrated. Our skilled Los Angeles nursing home injury lawyers find this behavior outrageous, and we commit ourselves to the pursuit of justice for nursing home residents injured by completely preventable conditions like malnutrition or dehydration.

Negligent care can cause severe injury to nursing home residents

The elderly are much more prone to dehydration and malnutrition than younger, healthier adults. Additionally, many nursing home residents suffer from depression, which can lead to eating and drinking less than they should. That is why nursing homes should employ enough staff members to provide residents with the personalized attention they each need and deserve. It is up to staff members to recognize the signs of malnutrition and dehydration so that appropriate preventative measures can be taken. Nursing homes should be ensuring that every resident is receiving adequate nutrition and hydration every day.

When these duties are not met, dehydration and malnutrition can lead to other serious health problems like:

Nursing home caregivers must do more than just put food in front of a resident. Preventing dehydration and malnutrition means adequate supervision, providing proper health care and monitoring to watch for the warning signs. When nursing home companies do not provide enough staff, or fail to provide the proper training, our aggressive Los Angeles nursing home injury lawyers get to work, building a strong claim on behalf of your loved one.

If your loved one suffered malnutrition or dehydration in a Los Angeles nursing home, call us today

Many times, nursing home residents will not speak up about poor treatment, due to fear of retribution. If you suspect your loved one is falling victim to dehydration or malnutrition, contact the appropriate authorities. Then call Taylor & Ring at 310-776-6930 or complete our contact form to talk with our Los Angeles nursing home neglect lawyers.

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