Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident you should never attempt to resolve your case without the advice of a plaintiffs lawyer who specializes in automobile accident cases. The insurance company for the person or company that caused the car accident will frequently contact you directly before you have hired a lawyer and attempt to convince you that a lawyer is not needed and that the insurance company will pay you a fair settlement. Do not fall for this trap.

You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident

We have seen the unscrupulous tactics of insurance companies who tell unsuspecting car accident victims that they are only entitled to reimbursement of their medical bills and other similar misrepresentations. Also, without a lawyer, the insurance company will stall, delay and ultimately try to wear you down into accepting a low and unfair settlement offer.

The Los Angeles auto accident lawyers at Taylor & Ring know how to effectively counter these bad-faith tactics by insurance companies. If you have suffered a serious injury in a car accident, contact our firm as soon as possible so we can immediately act to preserve your rights and deal with the wrongdoer’s insurance company so you don’t have to.

Uninsured And Underinsured Drivers

Many drivers in California are uninsured. If you were injured by an uninsured driver, that does not mean you are unable to recover compensation for your injuries. If the other driver was working at the time of the accident, his employer will likely have to bear the financial responsibility for the accident. We find that the other driver will try to hide the fact he was working at the time. Our lawyers have repeatedly investigated and uncovered drivers who claim to be uninsured or have very low insurance policies who were in fact working at the time for employers who have very large insurance policies and are legally responsible for your injuries.

Also, if the other driver truly is uninsured, your own insurance policy may provide a source of compensation if you have underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, or if you have a med-pay provision. Our lawyers know and understand the intricacies of insurance policies and will ensure you do not get treated unfairly by insurance companies.

Accident Reconstruction Is Critical

If your automobile accident is a serious one, resulting in death or serious injury, it is imperative that you hire a lawyer soon after the accident. Our firm quickly hires experts who specialize in investigating accidents to go to the scene and do a detailed, thorough investigation. An accident reconstruction expert is an engineer who can determine speed, point of impact, path of travel, and other critical aspects which ultimately prove who was at fault in the accident. Often, the investigating police officers do not have the time or inclination to investigate as thoroughly as our own investigators. Our firm has preserved critical evidence at auto accident scenes days after the accident that the police simply overlooked. This evidence wins cases.

Common Injuries

The attorneys at Taylor & Ring are very experienced in cases involving the following types of injuries caused by auto accidents:

  • Head trauma or brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis
  • Quadriplegia
  • Serious orthopedic injuries
  • Serious back injuries
  • Death

Contact An Attorney For Advice

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can effectively negotiate with the opposing insurance company to resolve your car accident claim. Please contact the Los Angeles law firm of Taylor & Ring to discuss your situation as soon as practicable following a serious auto accident.

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