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What Is the Monell Doctrine?

The past year has seen a spate of police officer-involved shootings and wide public allegations of nationwide police misconduct. Discussion around accountability for law enforcement tends to come back to the issue of reforming or eliminating qualified immunity, a legal doctrine that often shields police officers from liability in lawsuits. In some cases, however, victims…

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Sexual Assaults on College Campuses Go Largely Unreported

It is that time of year when college students head back to campus for a brand new semester of studying, socializing, and partying. Sadly, many of these college students will also experience the physical and psychological pain of being sexually assaulted. Even more disturbing is the fact that large numbers of these incidents will go…

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Passengers’ Rights in a California Rideshare Accident

Rideshare companies have exploded on the scene in California, and are an especially large part of the transportation landscape in cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, and in the Uber and Lyft corporations’ home city of San Francisco. In Los Angeles alone, 8.4 million UberX and Lyft customers hailed rides in 2012. With so many…

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