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Witness: Car bumper ‘literally touching’ motorcycle prior to crash

An apparent road rage incident recently took the life of a Navy officer as he drove his motorcycle on a highway in San Diego, and video recorded by a witness moments before the fatal collision has emerged.

The video shows a car traveling close behind a motorcycle, and according to the witness, the car came into contact with the motorcycle three times. The witness said the car’s “front bumper was literally touching the bike itself.”

Police say the car driver struck the motorcycle from behind and ran over the rider, and the woman who was driving the car is now charged with murder.

Motorcyclists and service members recently gathered to ride together and honor the deceased Navy officer. Mourners set up a memorial of flags and flowers at the site of the fatal collision.

While the outcome of the criminal case remains to be seen, the car driver could also be subject to civil claims from the family of the motorcyclist. When a criminal action takes the life of another person, the family of the deceased may pursue a wrongful death claim to hold the wrongdoer civilly responsible. A criminal conviction is not necessary for a person to be liable for injuries or death caused by negligent or reckless behavior.

As is the case with all auto accidents, evidence of motorcycle accidents is time-sensitive. Motorcycle riders may also be up against significant prejudice from jurors, who tend to assume that motorcyclists are less careful than drivers of other vehicles. An experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer can work to allay that prejudice and ensure that the person responsible for the crash is held accountable.

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