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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Manhattan Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Aggressive representation for the motorcyclists of Los Angeles and Southern California

Even the most experienced and cautious motorcyclists are at risk for harm on the roadways of Southern California. These dangers mostly stem from the actions of other motorists who choose to operate their vehicles in a negligent manner. The openness of a motorcycle offers little protection, particularly with crashes involving large automobiles and trucks. So, resulting injuries are often severe and life altering.

Our experienced Manhattan Beach motorcycle accident attorneys believe that injured motorcyclists deserve compensation that adequately accounts for their pain and suffering. The attorneys of Taylor & Ring are experienced in litigating accidents involving motorcycles. In 2007, attorneys John Taylor and Dave Ring obtained an $18.6 million jury verdict on behalf of a motorcyclist who was injured when a vehicle turned left in his path. This verdict is believed to be the largest motorcycle verdict in California in 2007, as well as one of the largest personal injury verdicts in California for that year. We have also obtained:

  • $5 million settlement for a passenger on a motorcycle who was paralyzed in a car accident with another driver in a construction zone.
  • $3.5 million settlement for the family of a man killed in a crash with a truck.

Motorcycle injuries can be extremely severe

Motorcycle injury claims can be challenging and require lawyers who understand the complexities of these cases. Our attorneys know the prejudice that motorcycle riders face in a courtroom. Most jurors have never ridden a motorcycle and may have somewhat negative attitudes towards motorcycle riders. In their experience, they think of motorcyclists as speeding, reckless, and lane splitting on freeways when the rest of traffic is grinding to a halt.

We effectively put these prejudices to rest by educating the jury that motorcyclists are often more safety conscious than most drivers and take extensive training courses that normal drivers are not required to take. We work hard to gain support for the jury because we understand the severities of most motorcycle injuries. Our lawyers have handled many of these cases, involving the following motorcycle accident-related injuries:

  • Head trauma or brain injury. The rider is thrown from the bike in many motorcycle accidents. A violent landing or flying debris can impact the head and cause a severe brain injury.
  • Spinal cord injury. A forceful impact can also injure all or part of the spinal cord. This type of injury often results in full or partial paralysis. Quadriplegia refers to paralysis of all four limbs of the body. A partial paralysis diagnosis means that there is some movement and feeling in the affected limbs.
  • Serious orthopedic injuries. Broken and fractured bones are common injuries associated with motorcycle crashes, particularly those involving legs and arms.
  • Fractured pelvis. The design of the motorcycle places the pelvis at substantial risk of harm during a crash. When collisions occur, the fuel tank often comes in direct contact with the pelvic bone, fracturing it.
  • Serious skin abrasions. Road rash is a term that refers to the scraping of the skin against the pavement when riders are ejected from the bike and slide across the ground. These abrasions can be extremely serious, removing layers of skin from the body.
  • Death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,699 motorcycle riders were killed in accidents during 2013. This represents a 26 times greater likelihood of death for motorcycle riders than passenger car occupants.

Trust a law firm that secured California’s largest motorcycle accident verdict

In one case, trial lawyers John Taylor and Dave Ring represented a young man who was new to motorcycle riding and failed to obtain his motorcycle license. He had only been riding for four months when he was involved in a serious, life-threatening accident. This motorcyclist did nothing wrong to cause the accident. He was proceeding straight, was going the speed limit, and was at a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of him. Yet, a driver making a left turn from the opposite direction turned directly in the motorcyclist’s path of travel, causing a horrific accident.

At trial, the other driver’s lawyer tried to tell the jury about our client’s lack of a motorcycle license. We successfully prevented him from doing so because the lack of a license had nothing to do with the accident itself. The defense lawyer simply wanted to poison the jury with that information. Our firm’s lawyers know how to counter these tactics aimed at prejudicing juries against motorcyclists at trial. The jury in this case awarded our client more than $18 million.

Call our office today to speak to a Manhattan Beach motorcycle accident attorney

If you have an injury caused by a motorcycle accident, the lawyers at Taylor & Ring strongly believe that motorcyclists have the right to share Southern California roads and freeways with other vehicles. We are well qualified to handle your motorcycle case. Please call our Los Angeles injury attorneys at 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form to discuss your situation during a free consultation.

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