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Investigation Uncovers Culture of Rape at Dublin, CA’s Women’s Prison

The violence of prison culture has long been celebrated in pop culture. Television, film, and music glorify acts of rape, murder, and assault in the name of entertainment. But there is nothing “entertaining” about real acts of violence perpetrated against real people. An Associated Press investigation into the federal correctional institution in Dublin, California revealed…

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When Sexual Abuse Happens to Adults

Although sexual abuse is a form of abuse that often occurs with children, anyone can become a victim of sexual abuse at any age. Sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual activity from perpetrators using force, using threats, or taking advantage of the victim. Sexual abuse is a crime where the victim and the perpetrator may…

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Sexual Abuse Committed by Doctors

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Still, there are significant issues that male victims of sexual abuse endure when deciding to publicly speak out about their abuse. Some victims experience guilt and shame, believing that they should have been “strong enough” to fight the perpetrator. Some men experience…

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Santa Ana Survivor Finally Gets Justice After 38 Years

The last statement that any parent wants to hear from their child is that he or she was sexually assaulted at school. Sadly, that is the reality for a majority of children and teenagers. Statistics from the Education Department have shown that reports of sexual assault at schools rose from nearly 9,600 in the 2015…

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Former California Priest Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

A former Roman Catholic priest from California was arrested at his home in Rhode Island by the Rhode Island Violent Fugitive Task Force on charges of sexual assault. Christopher Cunningham was arrested on a warrant that accuses of him sexually assaulting children in California. At the time of his arrest, Cunningham was working as a…

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