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Defective Toys

Los Angeles Dangerous Toys Lawyers

Handling product liability cases for Southern California families

Defective products can cause serious injuries for consumers who trust manufacturers to act in a reasonably responsible manner. When these companies put inadequate products on the market, they place their customers at significant risk of injury. Children are especially susceptible to being harmed by poorly made products, especially defective or dangerous toys. They do not know what warning signs to look for in a product and they are not sophisticated enough to prevent themselves from being harmed. Innocent children believe and expect their toys to be safe for use.

Parents whose children have been harmed by a defective toy often blame themselves, but it is not their fault that a product was poorly made and was unsafe for children. Beyond checking your child’s toys for normal wear and tear, and ensuring the toy is age appropriate, you should be able to trust that the toys you give your children are safe. When that trust is breached, turn to Taylor & Ring to speak to a knowledgeable Los Angeles defective or dangerous toys attorney.

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How do you know if a toy was defective?

Our lawyers take child injuries very seriously. We earnestly work to investigate the circumstances of each child’s case. These efforts often require the expertise of engineers and designers who are knowledgeable in the toy industry. Our firm has the resources and contacts to ensure that comprehensive investigations are completed. When a child is injured by a defective product, we investigate the product and the manufacturer thoroughly. There are numerous areas that need to be examined, including:

  • Adherence to safety testing procedures and regulations. Toy manufacturers must adhere to industry standards in regard to the design and production of toys. When these parties fail to meet proper standards, they may be liable for resulting injuries.
  • History of defects in the company or product line. Proof of previous defects and injuries can lend support to allegations of current defects. In addition, this information can be used to show that the manufacturer had knowledge of potential problems and risks.
  • Appropriate age designation for size of the toy. Toys include age designations to provide guidance for the appropriate age of use. Parents rely on these guidelines when purchasing toys for their children. Inappropriate designations can put younger children at risk.
  • Types of chemicals and paints used in production. Children, particularly younger children, often put toys in their mouths. When these products are painted with toxic chemicals and paints, the results can be fatal.
  • If the toy is too easily disassembled by children. Some toys create a danger when taken apart. The small pieces of the toy can create choking hazards. Small electronic parts can also lead to electric shocks or burns.
  • Adequate warning labels and instructions. Like age designations, toys include warning labels and instructions to provide guidance for parents and caregivers. When these guidelines are inadequate, children may unknowingly misuse the toy in a way that causes harm.

A defective toy case can be successful due to any number of liability factors. Don’t assume that you have no recourse against those responsible for your child’s injuries.

Providing defective toy liability

Our skilled Los Angeles product liability attorneys have successfully advocated for numerous child injury victims. In our experience, some of the most common injuries from toys include:

  • Strangulation. Chords and pull strings can create extensive dangers for children. Small children are particularly susceptible to strangulation by these dangerous parts.
  • Lacerations. Sharp or rigid edges can cause serious skin lacerations.
  • Bruising and abrasions. Certain toys can cause bruising and abrasions of the skin due to extensive friction or defective parts.
  • Bone fractures. Riding toys and those requiring physical activity can lead to fractured and broken bone injuries.
  • Burns. Defective electrical toys can cause burns. Burn injuries can also result from severe toy-related skin abrasions.
  • Toys with small parts or accessories can become choking hazards when children unknowingly place them in their mouths.
  • Suffocation. When toys include plastic bags or billowy pillows, they can create suffocation hazards.

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When a child is injured and a civil suit is filed to claim damages for their pain and suffering, it is important to work with a firm experienced in handling cases for minors. There are different rules and regulations that come into play with cases involving children, but the attorneys at Taylor & Ring know how to handle these special circumstances. Call us at 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about how our lawyers can help you and your child seek compensation.

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