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Aviation Accident

Los Angeles Aviation Accident Lawyers

Quality representation for victims of plane-related accidents throughout Southern California

Each day, more than two million people board commercial flights, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These passengers place their safety in the hands of airlines and pilots, with the expectation that they will arrive at their respective destinations safely and without incident. As evidenced by the numerous headline-making stories we hear about each year, these flights sometimes end violently, leaving passengers severely injured and emotionally traumatized.

When these tragedies occur, the skilled Los Angeles aviation accident lawyers at Taylor & Ring are ready and able to help residents of Southern California put their lives back together. We have experience representing plaintiffs involved in plane crashes and helicopter accidents, including incidents involving single-engine, personal aircraft. We understand the complexities of these cases and have the resources to aggressively fight for maximum compensation. John C. Taylor obtained a $57 million verdict in an insurance bad faith action arising from an aviation accident where three people died. It remains one of the highest award in California history.

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Causes of commercial and private aircraft accidents

Whether you’re flying out of LAX, the third busiest airport in the country, Bob Hope Airport, Long Beach Airport, or one of the smaller towered fields like Camarillo, Van Nuys, Riverside or San Bernardino International, aviation accident litigation can be extremely complex because it usually involves state, federal and sometimes international regulatory laws and governing bodies. Our years of aviation injury experience has included some of these common accident causes:

  • Pilot error. An aircraft pilot takes on an incredible responsibility with every flight. Poor judgment or lack of skill can place passengers in danger, as well as individuals on the ground. Pilot mistakes are particularly common during periods of inclement weather, where poor conditions can interfere with the operation of the plane.
  • Equipment failure. Whether it is a commercial aircraft or a privately held vehicle, the plane’s owner is responsible for maintaining it in a reasonably secure manner. This includes regular inspections, as well as ensuring that proper maintenance is performed when problems arise. If some aspect of the aircraft fails to perform properly during the flight, the owner may be liable for resulting injuries.
  • FAA rule violations. The FAA sets strict standards and procedures that aircraft owners and operators must follow. For example, the agency limits the amount of flight time a pilot can accumulate before taking a required rest period. These regulations are put in place to protect aircraft passengers and crew members, and rule violations can be severely injurious, if not fatal.
  • Structural or design problems. Sometimes a plane defect stems from the structure and/or design of the aircraft. A defective design may compromise the effectiveness of the aircraft engine or some other integral part of the plane. Our knowledgeable Los Angeles aviation injury lawyers conduct comprehensive investigations into the cause of the problem. We then fearlessly work to hold all responsible parties financially accountable.

Aviation injuries are not limited to crashes and accidents. Passengers can also be seriously injured inside of the plane, especially when crew members are negligent in the performance of their job duties. Some common in-flight incidents include:

  • Serving improperly stored foods
  • Slip and falls as passengers move about the cabin
  • Bags falling from overly stuffed overhead compartments
  • Rolling food cart accidents
  • Passengers thrown from their seats due to turbulence
  • Failure of flight attendants to give proper emergency response directions

Whether your injuries occurred during the flight or as the result of a crash, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to conduct a thorough investigation. We work with federal, state and local agencies to collect valuable documentation. We also call on independent industry experts to evaluate the government’s analysis, so we can present a comprehensive and accurate claim. We also work with residents and tourists who have sustained an injury in a hot air balloon or a helicopter, we well as though hurt in or around privately owned jets and smaller aircraft.

A Los Angeles law firm with a track record of success

Founding partner John C. Taylor achieved one of the highest individual judgments in the state of California for the families of three men who died in a fatal 1974 airplane crash. He relentlessly pursued this complex insurance bad faith claim over the course of 17 years, taking it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. In 1991, the courts ordered Beech Aircraft Corporation to pay $57 million in compensation to the victim’s survivors.

Our proven Los Angeles aviation accident lawyers give each and every case the same level of commitment. We know the challenges of a life-altering injury, so we commit our time and earnest efforts to present a comprehensive case that gets you the results you need. From long-term medical expenses to ongoing physical therapy needs, we pursue awards that meet all of your current and future medical needs.

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