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Injuries at School

Injuries at School

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Fight for Children Injured at School

Providing high-quality legal assistance for the parents of Los Angeles and Southern California

Children spend a considerable amount of time at school and they have a legal right to be safe in that environment. Teachers, principals, bus drivers, coaches and other school administrators are obligated to protect students from injury and provide adequate supervision during instruction and school-related activities. The experienced Los Angeles school injury lawyers of Taylor & Ring have represented numerous children harmed at school. Our successful outcomes include cases involving sexual abuse or harassment by a teacher or fellow student, bullying, playground injuries, sports injuries or injuries incurred during other school-sponsored activities.

We handle claims throughout Southern California and pride ourselves on how we represent minors and their families. We know the litigation process is unusual and intimidating for children, so we protect them from the stress and trauma of the process as much as possible. Our lawyers work diligently to minimize their involvement in the case and their exposure to the courtroom. We achieve significant and successful results for our clients, and invite you to review some of our more notable cases.

Ways a child can be injured or harmed in school

When parents take their children to school, they do so with the expectation that the child will receive a proper education and be cared for in a reasonably secure manner. Unfortunately, this duty of care often goes unmet, leaving of honorable minors to handle severe injuries and emotional harm. In our decades of experience, we have seen school injury cases involving such incidents as:

  • Abuse. School administrators have a responsibility to thoroughly vet the individuals who are hired to teach and instruct students. Inadequate background checks can place innocent children in the care of abusers and sex offenders. When abuse happens within a school, fault may not solely lie with the perpetrator. The school system may also shoulder some responsibility for these tragic incidents.
  • Transportation injuries. Standards of care extend to school transportation. Bus drivers are required to follow regulations regarding the operation and maintenance of school buses. Students may be injured while boarding, departing or riding on these vehicles. Whether the incident occurs on the way to a field trip or on the way home, school administrations can be liable for school transportation-related injuries.
  • Sports injuries. When coaches and sports supervisors fail to exercise reasonable care and supervision over student athletes, serious injuries can result. Like school systems nationwide, Southern California schools are particularly concerned about the risk of brain injury for athletes. The state requires medical clearance before athletes with concussions can return to play. Schools are also required to provide parents with detailed information regarding the risk of brain injury. Failure to abide by these regulations can expose school system to liability for sports-related injuries.

No parent wants to receive a call stating that his or her child has been severely injured while in the care of school officials. Our compassionate Los Angeles school injury lawyers work with parents and children to identify the cause of injury and all responsible parties.

Fighting for the long-term well-being of children injured at school

At Taylor & Ring, our highly skilled Los Angeles school injury attorneys don’t just focus on the immediate financial challenges of a childhood injury. We work with medical and vocational specialists to determine the long-term financial impact on your child and your family. We fight for an award that includes future medical treatment, long-term rehabilitation needs, and potential loss of future income for injured children and their parents.

Bringing a claim against a school system is no easy task. The law places time restrictions on plaintiffs, and failure to meet these requirements can prohibit you from ever receiving the compensation your child deserves. Our lawyers are extensively knowledgeable about the statute of limitations. You can trust us to meet filing deadlines, while you focus on the well-being of your child. We care about your child’s future, so we work hard to protect it.

Call our Los Angeles school injury lawyers today for a confidential consultation

Severe school injuries create extensive difficulties for both the student and his/her family. The caring and compassionate lawyers at Taylor & Ring work with you to aggressively defend your family’s rights by taking the time to learn the facts of your case and providing effective representation. Complete our contact form or call us today at 310-776-6390 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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