Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Representing Cyclists Hit By Cars In Southern California

Bike riders have a right to the road, but automobile drivers do not always see cyclists or maintain a safe distance. Bicycle accidents occur every day in the L.A. area, often resulting in serious harm to the person on two wheels.

Taylor & Ring is one of the premier personal injury firms in Southern California. Our record of verdicts and settlements includes recoveries for bicyclists who suffered severe or permanent injury. We hold careless motorists and their insurers accountable for the resulting losses and hardships. Call us at 310-776-6390 to start your case today.

L.A. And Riverside Bicycle Accident Attorney

More and more people in Greater Los Angeles are commuting to work by bike or biking for exercise and recreation. Unfortunately, injuries and deaths from traffic accidents have steadily increased. At Taylor & Ring, we advocate for bike accident victims by promptly investigating and intervening before insurance adjusters can talk the person into an unfavorable settlement.

While drivers are quick to blame the cyclist, investigation often reveals that the driver was solely or chiefly at fault:

  • Turning without yielding the right of way
  • Cutting off or sideswiping cyclists
  • Running stoplights or stop signs
  • Pulling into traffic
  • Encroaching on designated bike lanes
  • Forcing cyclists off the road

Maximizing Compensation For Serious Injuries

Even if the rider is wearing a helmet and protective gear, bicycle accidents commonly result in serious or catastrophic injuries, including brain injury, spinal injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, as well as lacerations and “road rash.” The experienced lawyers of Taylor & Ring work with doctors and other professionals to ensure that clients are compensated for injury rehab, future medical care, permanent disability, lost wages or future earnings, pain and suffering, and lost enjoyment of life.

Bicyclists have rights and we have recovered compensation for them even in cases of hit-and-run accidents or uninsured drivers. Contact our Los Angeles firm today for a free consultation.

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