Truck Accidents

California Truck Accident Attorneys

An accident involving a truck usually causes serious injuries or death to those involved. Trucking accidents require extensive investigation in order to prove legal liability and fault on the part of the truck driver and his employer. The Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at our firm have extensive experience in complex truck accident cases.

a serious truck accident case is expensive because many types of experts are required. We have the financial resources and the relationship with the best experts in the trucking field to ensure that your case against a trucking company will not be lost because of lack of resources on the attorney’s part. Call our premier Los Angeles injury law firm today at 310-776-6390.

Critical Aspects Of A Truck Investigation

The lawyers at Taylor & Ring have extensive experience litigating truck accident cases. The following areas of investigation are critical to most cases:

  • Investigating the trucker driver’s driving record
  • Analyzing the maintenance history of the truck
  • Analyzing the trucking company’s accident rate
  • Determining whether the trucker was properly trained
  • Obtaining the safety record of the trucking company
  • Obtaining mobile phone records of the driver at the time of the accident

Los Angeles has notorious freeways where horrific trucking accidents tend to occur because of the volatile mixture of large, dangerous trucks and fast-moving cars. Freeways such as the 710 Freeway, the 605 Freeway, the 405 Freeway, the 101 Freeway, and the 110 Freeway are often the location of terrible trucking accidents. We have handled trucking cases all over Southern California.

The attorneys at Taylor & Ring are very experienced in cases involving the following types of serious injuries caused by truck accidents:

Get In Touch After A Truck Accident

Please contact the Los Angeles office of Taylor & Ring to discuss your situation as soon as practicable following a serious trucking accident. We will immediately begin our own investigation of the accident scene and the trucking company involved, which may ultimately be critical to proving and winning your case.

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