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SD Youth Organizations

San Diego Sexual Assault Lawyers Handling Claims against Youth Organization

Pursuing closure for sexual abuse victims of California

Youth organizations are supposed to provide a sense of community for children who can connect through finding common ground. Regardless of social status, sexual abuse and assault does not discriminate against children based upon the area in which they live. This epidemic is no longer someone else’s problem. Child sexual assault and abuse has become a universal crisis that crosses invisible barriers.

Today, the stigma of sexual assault is disappearing and while still difficult to come forward, child victims and adult survivors are beginning to find their voices more easily, and we want to hear you. The San Diego sex abuse and assault attorneys at Taylor & Ring have dedicated decades to helping victims seek justice against their abusers. Allow us to help you too.

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Sexual assault and abuse occurs in well-known youth organizations

It is easy for child predators to hide their tendencies while working for youth organizations because no one questions why they are spending time with children who don’t belong to them. Coaches, counselors, advisors, administrators, and volunteers all have the capacity to pretend to be helpful, caring adults – until someone can’t control his or her abusive urges any longer.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America: In September 2019, new allegations of abuse surfaced against a former swimming coach at the Boys & Girls Club of Western Broome County in upstate New York during the 1970s. This comes on the heels of an August 2019 report that disclosed hundreds of children across the country had been sexually abused at the hands of staff of Boys & Girls Clubs over the past several decades.

Boy Scouts: The problem of pedophilia in the organization was pinpointed dating back to 1919 when “ineligible volunteer files” began being kept on scout leaders exhibiting predatory behavior. While hundreds of new allegations have recently become public, it stands to reason that there have been many more incidents of sexual assault on young boys over the last 100 years.

Girl Scouts: Also in New York, a male Girl Scout leader was charged with felony sexual abuse, and misdemeanor forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child in 2019 after molesting two 14-year-old girls. Sexual assault for which the perpetrator only received 6 years’ probation and will be required to register as a sex offender.

Child Beauty Pageant Circuits: Young children being sexualized in beauty pageants has long been a concern. Little girls clad in adult-style costumes whose confidence can be easily mistaken for being sexually suggestive - all in the name of winning. Modeling agents, photographers, event staff, makeup and costume designers, spectators - the list of strangers ogling your children poses a significant safety threat. Any one of them can be a predator waiting for the chance to harm your child, or even just take photos to enjoy as part of his or her private collection.

Types of sexual abuse in San Diego youth organizations

Devastating for our children, the sexual abuse and assault they suffered under the alleged supervision of these organizations has no limits. Boys and girls, and survivors of all ages have to live with the pain inflicted upon them not only by their attackers, but by those who protected these pedophiles. Just some of the abuse that occurred includes:

  • Sexual assault: Sexual activity with a child that may be committed by other means than force or violence, and does not necessarily involve penetration.
  • Fondling: This is the inappropriate touching of a child in a sexual manner.
  • Sexual exploitation: The sexual abuse of a child through exchanging sex or sexual acts for drugs, food, shelter, protection, other necessities of life, or money.
  • Child pornography: Any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor. This category includes what has become known as “sexting,” which is the sending of inappropriate images via text message when they involve children.
  • Rape: any penetration of any body part with a sexual organ, and/or the invasion of the genital or anal opening of a child with any object or body part.

No child should ever experience the horrors of sexual assault. The after-effects seep into every facet of their young lives, which are then carried into adulthood unless they receive proper treatment, and justice. Through filing a civil action, our attorneys can make it possible for victims and survivors of youth organization sexual abuse to start putting their lives back together.

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Start preventing San Diego sexual abuse and assault now

The very least our children are owed is the ability to enjoy league sports, youth groups, or organized group events and outings without the lingering fear hovering over them that someone they have been entrusted to may sexually abuse them. Even worse, that ongoing abuse is not being stopped by someone who knew, or should have known that it was happening.

One way to prevent abuse is for a victim or survivor to come forward and speak out. We understand how gut wrenching that decision can be, but we will be there to help you reclaim your power.

Speaking out against your abuser can, itself, be therapeutic, however formally reporting the incident to law enforcement should happen quickly. The sooner you report it, the sooner an investigation can begin, potentially preserving important evidence to help your case.

Just by the nature of feeling violated, you are going to need help processing the emotional destruction of a sexual assault. Counselors who specialize in abuse victims and survivors can help you start down the long path to healing.

Citizens of San Diego have resources for reporting their abuse to begin the investigation process, locating counseling services, and dealing with healing and grief whether you are a child or an adult survivor living with childhood assault.

Fearlessly pursuing justice for the children of San Diego

Youth organizations are supposed to be a place of solace for children where they can be themselves, free from the worries of the world around them. No one has the right to take that security away from your child, especially when it’s to commit a criminal act of violence. If you are an adult survivor or your child has been sexually assaulted by someone from a youth organization, Taylor & Ring wants to stand up for you or your child to say enough. To speak with one of our compassionate lawyers today, call 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.