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Workplace sexual harassment: immoral, unethical and illegal

Here’s a quasi-truism regarding sexual harassment in the workplace: It is often relegated to something minor in the overall scheme of unwanted sexual contact, where obvious and explicit acts of sexual assault and other forms of abuse command more attention.

That is the wrong view to take, of course, given that harassing sexual behavior aimed at a person is a truly serious matter based on any measuring stick.

Sexual harassment inflicted by one person upon another at the workplace is immoral and unethical.

And, more importantly, it is flatly illegal conduct under both federal and state laws, with strong legal remedies being available to parties who simply don’t have to tolerate harassing conduct.

Here’s a question: Just how prevalent is workplace sexual harassment? As we note on a relevant page of our website at the Los Angeles-based law firm of Taylor & Ring, one survey indicates that more than half of all workers have endured some type of sexually harassing behavior at their place of employment.

And, although that behavior does not always involve direct body contact, it doesn’t have to in order to qualify as illegal behavior. It can be just as frightening and scarring to be on the receiving end of sex-based jokes or stalking behavior as it is to be summarily groped or fondled.

As we note on our website, it can be “a daunting step” for any sexual harassment victim to speak up and demand justice. Understandably, people often fear reprisals, the disbelief of some coworkers and other adverse consequences.

Our lawyers are certainly sensitive to that, and bring years of client-empathetic and on-point legal knowledge to the task of fully promoting the rights and interests of persons who have suffered from workplace sexual harassment.

We invite readers with questions or concerns regarding this legal topic to visit us online for further information at our Los Angeles Sexual Harassment page. We would be pleased to speak with you.

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