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Sexual Abuse at School

Sexual Abuse At School

$1.6M Verdict for Sex Abuse at Miramonte Elementary School

Taylor & Ring went to trial against Miramonte Elementary School and LAUSD in a case in which a day care teacher sexually abused several female students. Taylor & Ring won a verdict over $1.6 million at trial, which LAUSD paid in full immediately following the trial. Please contact us if your child has been harmed in any way at Miramonte School or within LAUSD.

Students should be free to attend school without the risk of being sexually abused or harassed by a teacher or other school employee. A child who faces unwanted touching, inappropriate verbal suggestions, or leering glances from a teacher or other faculty member is a victim of sexual abuse at school. Unfortunately, the occurrence of teacher sexual abuse and harassment in schools is common. From 2001-2005, an Associated Press report identified 2,570 teachers who were punished for sexual misconduct at school for actions that ranged from fondling to rape.

Often the perpetrator of sexual abuse at school is a teacher, sports coach, professor, or other trusted individual who has power over the victim. Children and young adults are trusting, dependent, and will often do what is asked of them to gain approval. When that trust is violated, it is necessary to take immediate action to protect the child from further abuse in the school setting.

Who is Responsible when Sexual Abuse Occurs at School?

When you place your child in a school, you place your trust in that institution and staff to keep your child safe. If the school fails to live up to that trust, we can help you seek compensation. Schools have the responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for all their students. Although schools should report any incidents of sexual abuse or suspected sexual abuse to the proper authorities, that does not always happen. Reports of misconduct may be swept under the rug without the pressure of further investigation.

Sexual abuse in school can negatively impact education, job performance, future earnings, physical and psychological health, and sometimes serves as a catalyst for unhealthy relationship patterns in the future. Children and adolescents who have been sexually abused can suffer a range of psychological and behavioral problems both short and long-term.

Taylor & Ring has obtained large verdicts and settlements for victims of Sexual Abuse at School

Trial lawyers at Taylor & Ring represent victims of sexual abuse, sexual molestation, sexual assault, and sexual harassment at school, church, and youth organizations. Below are a few representative successes:

  • $10.8 million verdict
    • Boy sexually abused by teacher off school premises. School district previously received anonymous letter warning that teacher was acting improperly with boys. William S. vs. Bonita Unified School District
  • $6.75 million settlement
    • Six boys sexually abused by fourth grade teacher; school principal wrote an untrue "glowing" letter of recommendation for teacher in exchange for his promise to quietly resign from his job. 6 Boys vs. Confidential School District
  • $5.6 million verdict
    • Teenage girl manipulated into sexual relationship with 40-year old male high school teacher; school district knew of inappropriate email messages from teacher to girl but allowed teacher to remain employed until end of school year and then wrote him a false letter of recommendation.  Emily H. vs. Chino Valley Unified School District
  • $4.5 million verdict
    • Two girls sexually touched and fondled by third grade teacher; negligent supervision by school. Emma B. and Jaiden P. vs. Carlsbad Unified School District
  • $3.5 million settlement
    • Several children who attended Miramonte Elementary School (LAUSD) were fed tainted cookies by teacher Mark Berndt, who then took photographs of each child with the cookie in his/her mouth.  In re Miramonte Elementary School and LAUSD
  • $3 million settlement
    • Special needs male high school student sexually assaulted by fellow student in the school bathroom; negligent supervision by school. John Doe vs. Public School District
  • $3 million settlement
    • 13 year old girl manipulated by her middle school male teacher to have oral sex; school had received prior complaints about teacher texting female students.  Jane Doe vs. Pajaro Valley Unified School District

Experienced Los Angeles School Sexual Abuse Attorneys

With the help of a knowledgeable California school sexual abuse attorney, you can take the legal steps to hold the school responsible for not preventing the abuse, and the abusers responsible for the emotional and/or physical injuries they caused.

At Taylor & Ring, we understand how traumatic sexual abuse in school is for both the student and his/her family. Our caring and compassionate lawyers will work with you to aggressively defend your family's rights. We will take the time to learn the facts of your case and provide effective representation. Contact us today to speak with one of our school sexual abuse lawyers.

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