Holding the Perpetrator’s Employer Responsible

Experienced Los Angeles Sex Abuse Attorneys Hold the Perpetrator’s Employer Responsible When His or Her Actions Harmed Your Child

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Many cases of child sexual abuse occur at the perpetrator’s place of business. This includes teachers, day care workers, youth group leaders, sports coaches, religious workers, bus drivers, police officers, health care providers and more. While some employers do the right thing and report child sexual abuse immediately, countless others have attempted to protect their businesses rather than the lives of innocent children by attempting to overlook or even cover up abuse.

At Taylor & Ring, we believe that the perpetrator’s employer must be held responsible for its role in facilitating, allowing, covering up or attempting to ignore child sexual abuse. Call our Los Angeles office at 310-776-6390 to discuss your case with an attorney.

Protecting Children from Sex Abuse Predators

There are many reasons to pursue legal action against the employer of a perpetrator of sexual abuse against children, not the least of which is to protect children from exploitation at the hands of predators who would seek to use these companies and organizations as sanctuary.

Perpetrators of child sex abuse often choose careers or jobs that allow them to work with or near children, such as schools and youth organizations, in order to select victims and “groom” them for abuse. For this reason, employers have an obligation to conduct thorough background checks on all potential hires. Individuals with a history of child sex abuse should never be hired for work that requires them to interact with children, such as teaching, coaching or providing child care services.

If you believe a perpetrator’s employer failed to demonstrate proper due diligence in the hiring process, the child sex abuse lawyers at Taylor & Ring can help hold them responsible for their role in your child’s abuse.

Failure to Follow Up on Complaints

In addition to overlooking an employee’s history of abusing children, employers may also fail to thoroughly investigate complaints that could have helped prevent the abuse in question.

Perpetrators usually exhibit certain red flags or warning signs prior to actually committing acts of abuse, and these signs may be noticed – and even reported – by observant parents, children or even casual onlookers. Employers who receive such complaints then have a duty to follow up on these complaints, and remove the employee in question if his or her behavior warrants such treatment.

Unfortunately, many employers simply ignore or make an effort to actively cover up such complaints. Those employers must be held accountable for their negligent actions.

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