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Police Shootings / Police Misconduct

Police Pursuits Place Innocent Bystanders at Risk

Los Angeles Police Shootings & Misconduct Attorney

LA personal injury attorneys protecting the residents of Southern California in wrongful police shootings cases

As of April 2017, the Washington Post reports 45 police shootings for the year within the state of California. All too often, we hear about innocent bystanders being arrested, injured or killed by police officers just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is a code of conduct that our men and women in uniform must follow. When they fail to do so, their governing agency may be liable for resulting injuries.

Whether it’s a high-speed chase, a case of mistaken identity or just because the officer thought he or she could get away with it, our skilled Los Angeles police misconduct attorneys have the knowledge to fearlessly pursue compensation for your injuries. We have successfully represented clients who were hurt or denied their rights by law enforcement officials, including:

  • $8.75 million verdict in a case involving the LA County Sheriffs shooting an unarmed man to death.
  • $3.3 million verdict in a case involving multiple deaths after a high-speed pursuit by Border Patrol agents.
  • $2.7 million verdict for a boy shot by police.

The lawyers of Taylor & Ring have years of experience representing plaintiffs throughout Southern California who have been injured at the hands of men and women with a badge. Trust us to help you through the legal process.


Handling police brutality claims

While many law firms shy away from these types of personal injury cases, our lawyers believe that no one is above accountability when causing injury to an innocent party. Throughout our years of experience, we have seen police brutality and misconduct claims involving:

  • Police shootings. Guns are weapons of last resort. When officers purposely or negligently commit an unjustified shooting, they tear families apart and cause severe hardships for the victim. When these highly controversial incidents occur, we aggressively pursue personal injury or wrongful death compensation for the victim or victim's family.
  • False arrests. Under most circumstances, police officers must have probable cause to arrest and take custody of an individual. When an officer uses his position to falsely arrest an individual, he or she is acting outside the law. A false arrest can prove extremely stressful for the victim, often leading to severe financial and psychological distress.
  • False imprisonment. Along with false arrest, officers also have no right to hold an individual against their will without proper justification. This is called false imprisonment, and the victim may be entitled to a substantial compensatory award.
  • Excessive use of force. A badge does not give the police the right to violate an individual's civil rights with an excessive use of force. Officers have a duty to only use that amount of force that is reasonably necessary to achieve proper goals. When excessive force is used, a victim can face severe injuries, possibly leading to years of necessary medical treatment.
  • Falsifying evidence. While we would like to believe that all police officers are working in the best interests of the public, that simply is not an accurate depiction of a rogue few. Falsifying evidence is a practice used to secure the arrest and/or conviction of an innocent party. It may entail planting evidence or influencing witness testimony. Evidence falsification can lead to unjust incarceration, robbing the victim of time, family and earnings. When these events occur, our Los Angeles police misconduct attorneys work hard to investigate the details of the case and file a claim for compensation when appropriate.
  • Unnecessary use of Tasers. Tasers are an effective weapon, allowing law enforcement officers to exercise physical control over an individual without having to use a gun. But Tasers are extremely painful and, used inappropriately, can cause severe injury to the victim.
  • Inappropriate use of police dogs. Police dogs are another useful tool for law enforcement agencies. However, when used in an improper way, these highly trained canines can become dangerous weapons. Like any other weapon, police officers have a duty to use police dogs in an appropriate manner. Failure to meet that duty can result in severe injuries from a police dog attack.
  • Sexual harassment. Police officers may also use their authority to harass individuals within the community. Our attorneys have seen numerous sexual harassment cases involving police officers and residents of Southern California. These victims are left feeling vulnerable, unprotected and violated. Many of them require extensive psychological treatment and therapy in order to live productive lives. These necessities are costly and place a great burden on the victim, as well as the victim's family.

Our experienced Los Angeles police shootings lawyers have the knowledge and drive to aggressively pursue compensation from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies when unjust police actions leave you or a loved one severely or fatally injured. The restrictions and regulations placed on these types of lawsuits can make these cases extremely challenging to pursue. However, with the proven track record of our firm, victims of police misconduct can trust that their cases are being handled with a full commitment to a positive outcome.

Call us when Los Angeles police misconduct leaves you injured

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully injured or mistreated by a police officer in Southern California, don’t be too intimidated to seek justice. Trust the experienced Los Angeles police misconduct lawyers at Taylor & Ring to provide you with the guidance and advocacy your case deserves. We will listen to your story and offer our evaluation of your legal options. Call 310-776-6390 or complete our contact form today. You first consultation is free.

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