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Los Angeles Attorneys Defending Victimized Children with Special Needs

Strong and caring counsel when your child with special needs is abused at school

Sexual abuse is devastating for all children, and any child may fall victim to a predator, particularly in a school setting where he or she believes he or she is safe. Children with special needs are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse, both from adult authority figures like teachers and coaches, and from other students.

Children with special needs may have a more difficult time communicating to a trusted adult when abuse has occurred or testifying about the details of that abuse in court. For this reason, it is essential to hire an attorney with experience in handling sexual abuse cases with young victims with special needs. At Taylor & Ring, we approach your case with compassion and sensitivity, while at the same time aggressively pursuing the justice you and your child deserve.

Representing any child who has been abused

Our Los Angeles sexual abuse lawyers represent victims who have a:

  • Physical disability, such as muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, chronic asthma or multiple sclerosis
  • Development disability, such as Down Syndrome, Autism or dyslexia
  • Behavior disability, such as ADD or bipolarize
  • Sensory disability, such as blindness, visual impairment or hearing loss

We represent any child who has suffered from abuse at the hands of an adult or another student.

Experienced sexual abuse attorneys in Southern California

With the help of a knowledgeable Los Angeles sexual abuse lawyer, you can take the legal steps to hold the perpetrator responsible for sexually abusing your child. The school must be held accountable as well, for failing to prevent the abuse.

Taylor & Ring has successfully represented sexual abuse victims in many tragic cases, with victories that include:

  • $3 million settlement — A special needs student sexually assaulted by his male classmate
  • $1.25 million settlement — A special needs student fondled by her female special ed caseworker
  • $1 million settlement — A special needs girl sexually assaulted by two boys while riding a bus

Who is responsible when sexual abuse occurs at school?

When you place your child in a school, you put your trust in that institution and staff to keep your child safe. If the school fails to live up to that trust, we can help you seek appropriate compensation for the impact on your child and your family. Schools have the responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for all their students, and in particular those students who have special needs that might make them more vulnerable. Although teachers and school officials are mandated by law to report any incidents of sexual abuse or suspected sexual abuse to the proper authorities, this does not always happen. Reports of misconduct may be swept under the rug without the pressure of further investigation.

At Taylor & Ring, we pursue claims against all responsible parties including the school employees, the school itself and the school district where the school resides.

Get the help you need if your child with special needs has been sexually abused in Los Angeles

If your child with special needs has been abused at school, break the silence and seek justice for their mental, physical and emotional anguish. Call a skilled Los Angeles sexual abuse lawyer who can help. You can speak directly with a caring attorney at Taylor & Ring by calling 310-776-6390 or completing our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation. Help erase the stigma of sexual abuse. Our lawyers work with counselors and the full range of Southern California agencies to help your child. We fight to help your child speak out against the perpetrator and all responsible parties.

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