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Hostile Work Environment

Hostile Work Environment

Experienced Los Angeles Hostile Work Environment Attorneys Fight for Women and Men Who Dread Coming to Work

Strong counsel when your Southern California workplace becomes hostile

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many different forms, and can include verbal, physical, or quid pro quo harassment. One of the most common forms of workplace sexual harassment is known as a hostile work environment. Our Los Angeles hostile work environment attorneys are able to explain the details of a hostile work environment and can guide you to the best sexual harassment civil suit resolution possible.

At Taylor & Ring, we review with you and your coworkers each act that was inappropriate or made you feel uncomfortable. Our lawyers also study any documents, such as work review reports, to help prove your claim. Working conditions can also be a factor. For example, placing your desk away from other workers, not giving you the proper work tools or giving you the worst assignments can be evidence of a hostile environment.

What is a hostile work environment?

The term “hostile work environment” refers to conduct of a sexual nature that is degrading, offensive or threatening to the victim and interferes with his or her ability to function and be comfortable at work. The behavior must be long-lasting and not limited to an odd remark. The bad conduct is also pervasive and severe.

A hostile work environment can be created by:

  • Physical harassment, including sexual assault or rape, inappropriate touching and/or groping
  • Verbal harassment, such as inappropriate comments or catcalls
  • Stalking
  • Sharing of pornographic material through email or chat features, or watching pornographic material in the workplace
  • Threatening behaviors

The perpetrator(s) may be superiors, such as a boss or supervisor, co-workers or even clients.

Employer liability for creating a hostile work environment includes more than just actual knowledge of the harassment. Employers can be held responsible if they could have learned about the harassment by following up on employee complaints or reports by a supervisor lower in the chain of command. Employers must take prompt and effective action to correct sexual harassment. This means taking steps to end the harassment and prevent it from occurring again.

Victims may fear losing their job if they report the harassment

On top of the psychological effects of toiling in a hostile work environment, victims may fear losing their job if they report the highly inappropriate, abusive and illegal behavior of their abuser(s). No sexual harassment victim should be forced to continue at a job with an unsafe work environment that interferes with his or her sense of personal autonomy. Fear of retaliation is a basis for bringing a hostile sexual harassment claim. Our Los Angeles hostile work environment lawyers work to prove that the fear was justified based on statements or conduct by the abuser, the corporate culture at large, or specific actions or inactions of the human resources department.

Speak with a professional Los Angeles hostile work environment lawyer today

If you have suffered from sexual harassment in the workplace, we can guide you through this sensitive process so that the blame falls where it belongs — on the shoulders of your abuser and the company that allowed that hostile work environment to flourish. We bring cases in the right state and federal forums. For help now, please contact the experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers at Taylor & Ring today at 310-776-6390 or through our contact form for a free consultation.

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