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Verbal Sexual Harassment

Verbal Sexual Harassment

Experienced Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Attorneys Give Voice to Victims of Verbal Harassment

The Law Firm Workers in Southern California Trust to Protect Their Rights

Some victims may hesitate to seek restitution for their sexual harassment if the harassment has not taken the form of physical abuse, such as inappropriate touching, rape or assault. This is a misconception, because verbal sexual harassment can be every bit as damaging and painful for the victim as physical harassment. Our Los Angeles verbal sexual harassment attorneys are skilled at successfully representing clients in these types of cases, so call 310-776-6390 to learn more about your options.

What Is Verbal Sexual Harassment?

The term “verbal sexual harassment” may apply to any unwanted verbal exchange that is sexual in nature, including:

  • Unwanted advances or “come-ons”
  • Stalking behavior, including gifts, texts, phone calls, following, etc.
  • Pornography or offensive images
  • Sexually explicit jokes, pranks or language

Catcalls or comments about one’s body

Who Is the Abuser?

Sexual harassment can be perpetrated by virtually anyone you know in a professional setting. This includes bosses or supervisors, co-workers and colleagues, clients, or any other person who harasses you with inappropriate language, suggestions or comments at work.

Fear of Retaliation

Many victims of verbal sexual harassment are hesitant to report the abuse to their supervisors or HR department for fear of retaliation, either from the abuser or from the corporate culture at large.

If You Have Been Verbally Abused in a Los Angeles Workplace, We Can Help

If you have suffered from verbal sexual harassment in the workplace, contact the experienced Los Angeles sex harassment lawyers at Taylor & Ring at 310-776-6390 today for a free consultation.

We can help you hold both your harasser and your employer responsible for your mental suffering and financial loss.