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What Is Sexual Harassment?

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Fighting for victims of workplace harassment by employers, supervisors and co-workers

Sexual harassment is a broad topic that covers many different kinds of unwanted sexual behavior, from inappropriate touching, sexual assault and rape to inappropriate comments from co-workers, bosses, supervisors or other professional contacts. Any unwanted sexual behavior in the workplace makes it difficult, if not impossible, for the victim to perform his or her job duties, and can have extremely long-lasting detrimental effects on his or her well-being, both personally and professionally.

At the law firm of Taylor & Ring, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers have been helping victims fight for justice for decades. We are sensitive to how upsetting sexual harassment can be. We understand that work should be a place where you feel comfortable, where you focus on your career and where you should be able to socialize with other workers.

The different types of workplace sexual harassment

Harassment is not always physical, although it can be. The main types of sexual harassment that destroy a victim's feeling of safety in the workplace include:

  • Physical harassment. Physical harassment includes rape, sexual assault, groping, unwelcome touching, hugging, kissing and other forms of nonconsensual contact.
  • Verbal harassment. While unwanted physical contact is the most obvious example of sexual harassment in the workplace, no contact needs to be made for the behavior to constitute harassment. Sexual harassment can include:
    • Unwanted advances
    • Stalking behavior (gifts, texts, phone calls, following)
    • Pornography or offensive images
    • Sexually explicit jokes, pranks or language
    • Catcalls or comments about one's body
  • Quid pro quo harassment. An employer, or agent of the employer such as a supervisor, who directly or implicitly ties a person’s work status to sexual submission or sexual performance is committing quid pro quo harassment. The tradeoff normally includes keeping one’s job, obtaining a raise or getting a promotion. The person who commits this type of harassment is someone who has authority to actually fire, advance or promote the worker.
  • Hostile work environment. When the worker feels that any single or any combination of actions by the employer, or the employer’s staff, is causing the worker to feel intimidated, a hostile work environment is created.

A sexual harassment victim can be someone other than the person who was subject to one of the four types of sexual harassments listed above. Being in the presence of sexual misconduct may be enough to file a claim. The subject of the assault does not have to be fired or fail to get a promotion. There is no need to prove economic loss in order to file a sexual harassment case.

Sexual harassment is against the law and can make both work and life unbearable for the victim. Yet for many, it is extremely daunting to report the abuse as it occurs. Victims may fear retaliation, further harassment or even job loss, and often feel forced to weigh the potential financial and professional repercussions against the pain and anguish of suffering through continued abuse. At Taylor & Ring, you’ll work with an experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer who can help you plan for the future.

From the beginning, I knew I was in compassionate hands with Taylor and Ring. I was represented by Mr. Ring, and as a sexual abuse survivor, I felt that he went above and beyond a typical trial lawyer's obligations. Mr. Ring demonstrated such kindness and professionalism throughout my litigation experience that a process which can often feel worse than the abuse felt humane and empowering. I am forever grateful to have had Taylor and Ring's representation during a time when I felt completely alone. They are the best of the best!

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If you have been sexually harassed at work, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance immediately

At Taylor & Ring, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers are trusted by the community to fight effectively and with compassion on behalf of victims of sexual harassment. If you are a victim of workplace sexual harassment, contact our experienced sexual harassment attorneys today for a free consultation by calling 310-776-6390 or through our contact form.

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